November 27, 2005

wow, i'm such a bad blogger!

i deeply apologize to those of you who are thirsty for my blog. the truth is, i haven't had much to report besides the usual bits of drama and gossip - but honestly, nothing to blog about!

the semester is winding down here in chilly boston. i'm finishing up 3 big projects for school - one on marketing social work to young people (get 'em with free drinks??), one about the big dig (the bigest highway construction project in the world), and social security in cuba (for my upcoming trip). i used to be a pretty good planner/writer and would prepare and write papers weeks in advance. but i've learned that i still write damn good papers in record time. so i procrastinate as long as i possibly can. you would think i would have learned my lesson in undergrad. but i didn't! so, as the cycle continues, i'm writing 2 papers as we speak. and trying to distract myself as much as my brain will allow (read: writing this blog!)

my 3rd solo thanksgiving was grand - no turkey, but grand nonetheless. i spent the day with monkey making food, drinking wine, and we even took a nice brisk walk in the sun. ate too much (of course) and passed out on the couch. we took a little out of town adventure and travelled to new hamsphire and maine. now, to northeasterners that's not such a big deal since the states are so close together. bbut for us, passing through 3 states in 2 hours was just crazy! we ended up spending the night in portland, maine (the biggest city in maine!)....hit up some pubs, and retreated to the hotel hot tub.

and so, the winter begins. i'm excited to come home to california for christmas see friends and family of course, but mostly because it means the semester is over and i only have 1 semester left! it's incredible how fast time think that i've been in boston for a year and a half now.....