May 25, 2006

goodbye beantown

yes, i've said my goodbyes to the best city in the east....

i had quite an eventful last week in boston. i finished my wilderness first responder (WFR) class on an island off the coast of south boston. it was a pretty rad place, and we even got to do a night time search and rescue. i was a secondary responder, which meant i got to talk on the radio. it was awesome...who doesn't like ending every sentence with "copy?" or "10-4"!!

then i basically partied for 2 days with my BC friends to celebrate our graduation and my goodbye. i was in charge of picking the venue, and of course i picked the shady-est dive bar in boston. now what did you expect?? some of the higlights include:

eating lots of free popcorn

taking shots of whiskey with my professor

beating 2 guys at pool

and getting beer poured on my head by a guy who was pissed off that i wouldn't go home with him. (it was a good thing that i wasn't in a bad mood, otherwise i would've kicked him in the balls! but in my stupor i didn't realize he had intentionally poured it on me...i thought it was "spilled". oh well, the bartender felt bad and gave me a free shot. SWEET!)

after a semi-hungover flight home, i made it to my mom's house. we've been putzing around the property...she bought this little go cart 4 wheel drive looking thing called a "mule". we took it out 4 wheeling and i thought i would tip it for sure! i've been spending some quality time with reggie, and preparing for my flight to utah. i wish i had more time to hang, but the river calls!!

May 13, 2006

viva las vegas.....

what a weekend! jenny, my mom, my brother, and i ventured into the hot desert to spend a weekend tanning and gambling in las vegas. it was the shit, seriously :) i won $150 playing the quarter slots, and my mom won $300 playing the craps table! and i got to see some old friends from santa cruz which was AWESOME.

we basically spent the weekend lounging by the pool, playing bocci with my grandparents, drinking special mojitos, and gambling. and i'm not a big gambler, but i was winning. now i know how people become gambling addicts! anyway the only thing that sucked was the fact that my flight home was delayed. i was supposed to get into boston at 7pm and i didn't get home til 12am. yeah, sitting in the airport sucked for sure. but at least they have fat tire beer on tap there!

now i'm back in boston, trying to pack my stuff up and get ready to go. i start my wilderness first responder class tomorrow off the coast of boston. it should be fun, but the weather was been REALLY nasty and i'm supposed to take a ferry out there that could be cancelled. it's too bad, my friend clarissa has been visiting and it's been pouring rain. we haven't been able to do anything but go down the street to get coffee and groceries. we came home soaked tonight, but brightened our spirits with a bottle of wine, yummy dinner, and office space.

only 1 more week to go in boston! i'm sooooo sad but excited at the same time. i can't believe these past 2 years have gone by so fast!!!

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