December 26, 2005

my mom has turned into a cowboy

yes friends, it's true.

i leave the state for a mere year and a half only to return to my cowboy mom. and she doesn't just have the wranglers and the belt buckle. she has expensive chaps, and 2 stetson hats. she listens to kenny chesney, and does the "be-donk-a-donk" dance. she rides her horse almost every day, and is having a barn build on her property. she started drinking scotch (well, i'm not sure how cowboy that is). it's funny, because since i've been goen, i'm definately more of a city girl (a "girly girl", as some would say). so as i get further towards the "city" side of the spectrum, my mom is getting further towards the "country" side of the spectrum. this is to the delight of my step dad. the rest of us are just in shock. it's just interesting....

my trip home has been fun so far...i've seen so many people from the past. that's when you know you're from a small town - when you see 10 people you know in the local walmart. we went into the iron door saloon for a drink, and we were seriously the only people in there. it was i remember what winters were like in groveland. boring!

i've also been learning how to knit which is pretty challenging. although because i know how to crochet, i'm learning at a faster pace. but i practice and practice...i show my mom a finished piece and she looks at me and says (in her motherly tone) "honey, that doesn't look right". awww, she's so nice. don't plan on me making any hats or scarves for anyone yet. i need to keep practicing...

December 25, 2005

pink bunny suits for christmas...

so have you ever seen the movie "the christmas story"? the one with the little boy who wants the red rider b.b. gun for christmas, and his mom always says "you'll shoot your eye out? well anyway, in that movie, ralphie (the little boy) gets a hideous pink bunny suit for christmas, thoughtfully made by his aunt. and his mom makes him run upstairs to put it on. he comes back downstairs, humiliated. i kind of felt like that last night while opening presents. though i didn't get a pink bunny suit, i did get a pair of hideously pink slippers from my aunt. they're pretty ugly. and though my stepmom did not make me try them on, i did feel pretty humiliated....

we had a really nice christmas eve dinner last night here at my dad and step-mom's new house. yummy. it's still hard to believe that my dad built this house all by himself. he's such a handy guy! after dinner and present opening, my brothers and i went in the hot tub to relax. i think it's required to have a hot tub in the mountains...they are just so nice, you almost want to fall asleep in them! (but that wouldn't be a good idea now, would it?) i pretty much made it out with good, a beautiful bracelet, some new workout pants, and lots of smelly pretty lotion. and the best gift had to be the new umbrella from my uncle james. it's one of those heavy duty ones with a wooden handle. i was so excited, and when i opened it i started laughing SO hard. the print is of a bulldog sitting next to a gazebo in a pretty english garden. the people in boston are gonna get a kick out of it :)

merry christmas, everyone!!

December 11, 2005

sad sad news.....

it's been one hell of a week.....

first, my computer gets a nasty virus and i have to have it cleaned or repaired or whatever they call it. basically erase everything. luckily i backed everything up. everything that is except my itunes. i'm hoping they can recover the songs. if they don't, i'll be REALLY depressed.

then, my trip to cuba gets canceled. at this point, it's canceled due to the fact that the US treasury won't issue us a visa. the trip has been going for 30 years, and they won't issue the visa. i didn't really know how to respond. of course i'm super depressed and i feel defeated - there's honestly nothing we can do. the school has appealed the decision, and we'll know by friday whether we're going or not. please cross your fingers for me....i've been preparing for this trip since last june...

i'm in amazingly high spirits considering the shitty week i had. must be because i'm going home in less than a week. YEAH! i can't wait to see my family and friends. and reggie, of course. gonna give him a big puppy hug.

December 6, 2005

a jaded love story...and a broken computer

so i'm actually not blogging on my computer's got a nasty virus and i don't know what to do about it. everytime i open something up, it says it is sending "hot horny asian" emails to people (note: i'm sorry if you get one!) i've been downloading lots of stuff for my final projects that i've been working on. must've gotten it then (or maybe it was when i was looking at midget porn the other day? oh well!) anyway it's been such a pain in the ass because, well, it's finals week. and i have 2 major papers/presentations due on Friday. Luckily for me, work has been slow and I've been able to work on it here (don't tell my bosses....)

in other news of the weird, i've met a guy. weird, i know. and i'm jaded, so i'm not going to say how cool, or cute, nice, or funny he is. yeah, it just jinx's it...and i'm not ready for that. gotta enjoy it a little bit longer. once we get passed the "are we going to keep hanging out?" stage, i'll let you all know the details :)

and guess what??? i'm going to CUBA in less than a month! i'm soooo friggin' excited. thanks to all who have donated money/supplies to bring with me. i've gotten 3 huge boxes of stuff, and over $200 to buy things. so far i bought a lot of ast/school supplies for the little kids. i couldn't imagine not havin crayons growing up! i leave the bay area on january return in Boston on the 17th. and please, don't ask for cigars...they aren't allowed, and i'm not going to stash them in unmentionable places just for you :)

...and i'll be home in CA on dec. 16th for those that wanna hang out...just get in touch....

happy december!!!

November 27, 2005

wow, i'm such a bad blogger!

i deeply apologize to those of you who are thirsty for my blog. the truth is, i haven't had much to report besides the usual bits of drama and gossip - but honestly, nothing to blog about!

the semester is winding down here in chilly boston. i'm finishing up 3 big projects for school - one on marketing social work to young people (get 'em with free drinks??), one about the big dig (the bigest highway construction project in the world), and social security in cuba (for my upcoming trip). i used to be a pretty good planner/writer and would prepare and write papers weeks in advance. but i've learned that i still write damn good papers in record time. so i procrastinate as long as i possibly can. you would think i would have learned my lesson in undergrad. but i didn't! so, as the cycle continues, i'm writing 2 papers as we speak. and trying to distract myself as much as my brain will allow (read: writing this blog!)

my 3rd solo thanksgiving was grand - no turkey, but grand nonetheless. i spent the day with monkey making food, drinking wine, and we even took a nice brisk walk in the sun. ate too much (of course) and passed out on the couch. we took a little out of town adventure and travelled to new hamsphire and maine. now, to northeasterners that's not such a big deal since the states are so close together. bbut for us, passing through 3 states in 2 hours was just crazy! we ended up spending the night in portland, maine (the biggest city in maine!)....hit up some pubs, and retreated to the hotel hot tub.

and so, the winter begins. i'm excited to come home to california for christmas see friends and family of course, but mostly because it means the semester is over and i only have 1 semester left! it's incredible how fast time think that i've been in boston for a year and a half now.....

October 30, 2005

it's snowing in OCTOBER

yes my's SNOWING in october.

and granted, it is oct. 30 (almost november) but still. snowing. the winter has officially made it to boston. although looking out my window right now, it's sunny. the northeast weather is such a tease.

shit is hitting the fan out here in beantown. and not in a bad way, it's just all hitting at once. kind of like the saying "when it rains, it pours". yeah. i have presentations up the wazzoo and a few midterm papers. and professors who aren't that great of teachers. doesn't that sound like fun? at least my internship is going well. we have our annual conference next tuesday, and have to be in worcester (pronouned "woo-sta") at 7am. and it's an hour away from boston. we will most definately have to stop at dunkin' donuts on the way there!

i'm happy to announce though, that my cuba class has officially begun, and i'm getting so excited about it. we're already doing research for our projects, watching videos, etc etc and i just really can't contain myself when i think that i'm actually going to get to visit cuba while fidel is in power. i feel so friggin' lucky.

...and i bought my ticket home for christmas, so if anyone wants to meet up, i'll be home dec 16th through jan 3rd. new years, anyone??

October 16, 2005

apple picking...and a moment of silence

so, my weekend started off on a bad mom had called to tell me that my dad had put my childhood dog to sleep. sadie was such a great dog, and lived a wonderful and energetic 13+ years. i don't think it's hit me yet that i won't see her again...

it was a beautiful and crisp day here in massachusetts. it finally stopped raining for a few hours, the sun came out, so monkey and i decided to go apple picking. it was absolutely chaotic of course (it being sunday, there were tons of families out, and i was starting to get a little clausterphobic on the "hayride" up to the orchards). but it was gorgeous, and we ventured far into the hills, looking for the perfect apple. there were about 4 varieties in season, and we tried every one of them. i know that apples taste different, but i guess i've never compared them at the same time. and i kind of felt guilty because i ate so many of them, but i figured it was better than the little kids who just picked them and threw them on the ground! and needless to say, i had a little bit of a stomach ache on the way home. just like eating one too many cannoli's from mike's pastry :) the fall foliage is jsut beginning to emerge in western mass, and it's looking very very pretty. and it's starting to be scarf season, whoohoo!

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October 8, 2005

oh, so sad :(

i'm sure you've all saw the terrible news. perhaps you even watched in agony, just like everyone else in red sox nation. but those with the white socks won this time. monkey and i just couldn't take it anymore, and turned it off after they lost the lead. i know that's not true fan behavior, but i just couldn't bare it. oh well, there's always next year, right??

in other (better) news, i did go to a FABULOUS show last night at the somerville theater. his name is amos lee, kind of a combo of ben harper/bob dylan and lots of others mixed. hard to explain, but he's folky/bluesy/jazzy. i adore his cd and was excited to see him live, but i was BLOWN away by his performance. honestly, he rocked the place, and i'm just dying to see him again. check out his website and see if he's coming to your town. i promise you won't regret it!

is it going to be fall in boston, EVER? i mean, it's been pouring all day which is fine, but it's still 75 degrees and gross. you can't even go outside without getting frizzy hair and soaking wet shoes. the leaves are changing color which is nice, but it's still so yucky out!!! i guess whatever keeps the winter away is just fine with me!

October 2, 2005

....i love that dirty water!

the sox made it (barely) to the playoffs. whoohooo!

i'm most definately looking forward to the playoffs this year. lots and lots of beer drinking, camraderie, cheering "yankees suck", and eating wings. fun! and i even have a new jersey to wear, since my pokey reese jersey just ain't cuttin' it (he was traded last year). i have to admit that the month of october last year was the best i had in boston! and i'm really looking forward to this october.

i actually got to go to the game on friday when the sox played the yankees (suck!) i won't reveal my connections, but i will say that i was eating fenway franks and drinking coors light on friday night, watching the game with 35,000 other folks. they ended up winning and "sweet caroline" was sung by all...(if you're not from boston, you wouldn't get it)

here's to the curse being reversed AGAIN!

September 29, 2005

bonnarooooooo Posted by Picasa

September 23, 2005

arrrr matey.....

i thought that i was born to live in the water....but today i was proven WRONG.

a swimmer at the age of 6 months? check. a participant in swim races? check. constant earaches from swimming as a kid? check. river guide? check. water skiier? check. hut tub lover? double check. ohhh...but cruise ship captain? not so much....

well, i wasn't actually the captain of the cruise ship, but honestly i should have been! it never occurred to me that i would be getting sick on the "booze cruise" from sea sickness. too much to drink, sure, but not sea sickness! and while i never got physically sick, i did feel like puking the whole time i was on the boat.

let me back up friends and i signed up to go on this grad school "booze cruise". something that i would never sign up for alone, but they wanted to go and i said, hey, why not? the company of my friends was great, but the rest of the 650+ stupid BC grad students was unpleasant to say the least. that's not fair, some of them were cool. then again i didn't even start talking to them, as i passed by conversations that included "well, when I went to harvard"...and "no way, he was eating her out!" yuck. not my kind of people. but people watching was in full effect, and the cheesy-ass d.j. kept the bad songs rolling so i could get the full view of bump-age and grind-age on the dance floor. now THAT was worth the $25!

and while i looked forward to the post party downtown, i decided to catch the last train home. a party pooper, i know, but this poor girl's stomach is seriously hurting. it's in the genes, i know since my dad always gets seasick. i could've saved myself the $25 with a little more thought...but then i wouldn't have gotten to see everything i saw!

September 22, 2005

"until the city and the country ain't divided....until then"

last night i went to my first live music show since i've been back in beantown. i've been craving live music, (since i got so much of it this summer), and i'm taking advantage of the fact that there are so many great bands and artists coming through boston. the guy's name is citizen cope, and he's fuckin' amazing. i can't even describe his music, but he's just great. check him out! the place was packed and there weren't too many anooying BC/BU students there. actually, it was a chill crowd which was nice. although i do have to admit that i *may* have had too much to drink, and towards the end of the night, i was chatting at a very high volume (hey, the music stopped and i didn't adjust my voice level!) was a great night. makes me wish that i had a musical gift of some sort. well, i've always got my rythym, that's for sure!

tomorrow night i've signed myself up for a BC grad school booze cruise...what have i gotten myself into? yeah, trying to mingle with law and MBA students? that's gonna be great. i can't wait. no really, i can't (damn, sarcasm is hard to portray in blogs!) anyway, i know that my friends and i will be the plastered ones in the corner, making fun of the aforementioned students. heaven help me if i ever become one of them! (no offense to anyone out there fitting that's just not me). but hey, i'm a team player, and my friends really wanted to network (aka get some law school ass) so i'm supporting their decision and going. plus, i have to show off my fulton fashionista self (as jenneth cole calls it). an occasion to get dressed up and drink is one i'm always down for.

September 18, 2005

this song has no title...just words and a tune

i don't really know how to feel about today....

i was talking with my mom on my way to target. she shocked me with the news that a student from my old high school (a 16 yr old guy who was there when i was doing my americorps service) had committed suicide. obviously, the news took me by surprise. but not until after talking with my good friend (the principal at the high school) did i realize just how hard it would hit me. i mean, 16 years old and feeling like that is the only way out? uhhhh, it just makes my heart hurt....for him, for his family....for the other students...for the small town to lose a youth....

i guess the "silver" lining in this story (which is played out among small communties across this nation) is the way tragedies bond people. boundaries and personal barriers that once stood on the way are broken down with support - whether it's a phone call, or a hot made me think of the hurricane, and how we are bombarded with images from katrina...and how through the devastation there is also a silver lining (a national one, at that).

the social worker in me tells me to always look for the silver lining, no matter how small it may seem. i can only hope that the students, the family, the community, can look for the lining as well.....

September 11, 2005

a night of random adventures

so things got a little bit crazy last night.....

my friend megan called me in the afternoon to let me know that our friend had VIP tickets to the free Cake show downtown. never one to pass up a free show, i decided to head down there and see what it was all about. we all met up amidst the chaos of screaming 13-17 year olds and couldn't find the way into the VIP section. we gave up, yes, but we were now on another mission: to drink as much as possible that evening. it doesn't sound healthy, i know, but we were all "celebrating" the survival of the first week of school. and you know me, never one to pass up on drinking beers with good folks!

after we had 2 drinks at this shee shee place downtown, we headed up to beacon hill to get some pizza and beer. the random plan of the moment had turned into feeding ourselves, and drinking. so we got some pizza, some beer, and headed over to the boston common (the park) to eat and drink said pizza and beer. only we didn't drink the beer....we shotgunned them under a big dark willow tree with little mallard ducks everywhere trying to eat our pizza. it was quite hilarious, considering 2 of the girls had difficulty shotgunning the beers and it spilled all over them. imagine us 4 girls, emerging from under the willow tree, with beer all over our shirts, pizza in our hands, and ducks at our feet. it was CLASSIC.

onward now to clery's, some pub in the south end that i had heard a lot about. i immediately felt out of place because i wasn't showing enough cleavage (guess i didn't get the memo....) oh well, we danced until 1 then headed down to southie for one more beer. like i really needed it.

those familiar with the movie "good will hunting" know that southie is where the characters come from. and since i've moved to boston, i've been wanting to go to the L street tavern, which was in the movie. since i was crashing at megan's place (she lives in southie), we decided to have just one more at the tavern. now i have to admit, that part of the night was a little blurry, but it didn't look too much like it did in the movie. i mean, the outside looks the same, but not the inside. oh well, it was worth it.....

a night of random adventures....always a good time!

September 6, 2005

new friends...

you know what one of the coolest things in the world is?? meeting new friends. yeah, and though i don't like to admit it, i am judgemental. for example, if i see a girl wearing pearl earrings, a ralph lauren polo shirt with the collar popped, 7 jeans, carrying a louis vuitton purse, OF COURSE i'm going to make fun of her. and probably not want to talk to her other than ask where the closest H&M is. i'm sorry, it's a character flaw in me, but at least i admit it! so anyway, in a town that's full of the aforementioned population of females, it's SO great to meet others like me. and that's like finding a needle in a haystack, considering my hippy/socialist self.

this has all become apparent to me after drinking beers with a friend tonight. see, she had met 2 really cool girls on her recent social work trip to africa, and was like "i can't believe you guys don't know would totally get along!" i had my doubts, i have to admit, and was pretty much betting on them being the coach purse carrying type. but to my surprise, they were COOL. and that's awesome, considering the fact that i haven't found too many cool people in boston. i mean, it's a great town and all, but it's too consumed with pretentious bullshit. and come on, that's just not me!

so anyway we all spent the evening envisioning a perfect world (as all social workers do)....questioning the powers that be and vowing to motivate our fellow BC students to end their complacency to the "man". it's a large feat, i know, but i'm optomistic.....

isn't it great to find needles in the haystack???

September 4, 2005

it's a bad thing that my new apartment has a tv....

i've been watching the coverage of hurricane katrina, for what seems like hours. and getting frustrated....very frustrated! if this would have happened in manhattan, would the reaction be the same? Or some shee shee east coast city? or even somewhere on the west coast? i can't help but think that relief would have come faster. our response to feed/clothe/shelter victims in foreign countries is faster than this. and we're the richest, most "powerful" (i.e. greedy) nation in the world. what the fuck???

....and i digress.....

jenny went with me yesterday to harvard square to get my latest tattoo. and i LOVE it. i sat there for an hour and a half getting inked, and jenny watched (actually, cringed) the entire time. i told her that her stay in boston wouldn't be complete without me getting the tattoo i've been talking about all year long. closure....that's what i like to think of it as!

finishing off this chapter in my life here in boston is getting off to a great start. it's hard to believe that i moved here a year ago. all of the new students are walking around aimlessly....while i stare at them, smile, and think "i was pretty much lost like them around this time last year". red sox games to watch, new bars to find, adventures to be had....

August 29, 2005

back in the saddle again...

yeah! i've made it to boston in one piece!

the summer of travel and adventure is finally coming to an end. i'm sad about it, but ready to get a move on with this whole grad school thing. it's hot and humid in boston, and we're supposed to get some rain from the hurricane down south....which makes me long for the hot, dry weather of good ole utah. oh, so sad!

monkey and i both moved our lives into new apartments on saturday. i seriously felt like i was on crack, since my plane landed at 7am in boston, and by 2 pm i was helping monkey move all of her stuff. by 11pm i was moving stuff into my own apartment. i just wanted to get it done! i'm happy to say that i'm all moved and relaxed in my new place. it's soooo much bigger than my old nasty apartment...and i feel like a princess because i actually have a bed frame and i'm not sleeping on the floor. (wow, it's the little things in life, really!)

the rest of my visit in california was great. the day after i got back from utah (which was a long journey...isaac and i brought back the new guidehouse kitty "hobbes" to his mom in sebastapol) i went on a 2 day tuolumne trip. it was so awesome to be back on the tuolumne, and fun to row a boat with steve. the best part was when we perched/wrapped on pelican rock in the middle of clavey falls. yeah, i was highsiding and it was fun....though i don't think steve would agree! let's see, we also had a bbq at my parents house which was great....koob was played on the new grass, and lots of fun was had. all in all, a great way to end the summer!!

i don't start school for another week or so, so i'm just hanging out in boston now. jenny and i have to "clean" up our apartment tomorrow...but other than that i'm just chillin' as usual. i'm gonna go look for a job (gasp!) to help me pay for my upcoming cuba trip. then i might go down to the gauley for a trip or two...we'll see about that!

August 5, 2005

groover reading material....

yanno, sometimes i think my blog would make great groover reading material. groover reading material you ask? what's that? well, let me tell you a little story about the groover (both my friend, and my enemy). see, on river trips we bring this great little white box called a "groover". this box holds all of the human waste from the trip. yum. and the *best* part is emptying it out at the end of the trip. fun!! my favorite part about shopping forevery trip is finding the best magazine to be used for groover reading material. this is a very important task, as some people are nervous before using the groover and need a magazine to get this going (or flowing, if you know what i mean) i usually try to get outside adventure magazines, but this week i went for the "utah" groover material - Country Music Weekly. george strait (the legend!) was on the cover, and i swear folks were fully enjoying reading about the 29 things they didn't know about george. things were definately flowing, as both groovers were filled to the brim. mission accomplished.
so, as i was saying, i think my blog would make great groover reading material. funny satire thrown in with bits of random information and adventure.

and besides the two full groovers, this trip was absolutely fantastic. 9 guides = hardly any work, which = lots of beer drinking. in true ARTA fashion, we had a dress up night at jones 1 camp. i wore my lovely pink bridesmaids dress, while ken sported a brown velour 70's robe, and val's mom wore the liger suit. i even managed to convince a 68 year old texan to don a st. patricks day green 70's dress (a thrift store find) he even bought me a milkshake at the end of the trip.

we got back to the guide house early (i powered through the flat section of island park) and had a pizza/bbq/dance party. oh yeah, and i constructed a water slide out of a paco pad, a backboard, the back of the truck, and a water-filled old bucket boat. i was the first to test out the newest contraption, so i made sure to wear a helmet (safety first!) and pad my landing with chairs. the water was freezing cold, but oh so worth it. everyone tried out the slide...even ken's mom!

i'm such a pusher :)

July 29, 2005

7 days in desolation

so i just got off of my 1st trip of the season...a 7 day desolation canyon trip on the green river here in utah. i've never been on a 7 day deso trip (usually i'm on the 5 day trips from hell) so needless to say i was really looking forward to spending lots of time in the canyon. the passengers we took down were 6 inner city kids from florida, one of their dads, a "leader" (you'll understand why that's in quotations) and a board member of this organization. the kids were great - they've never been camping before, many had never even been outside of their city. just to see the look in their eyes when they were paddling their inflatable kayaks into a rapid, or how they loved seeing shooting stars for the first time, or cooking smores on a real campfire - that made it ALL worth it.

this quite possibly could have qualified as one of the best trips i've ever been on in utah. the kids did a "show" for us, which consisted of telling jokes (my favorite - "your momma is fat, she has a chip on her shoulder. then she ate it") hahah, you know i love silly jokes. we were "initiated" into their tribe, while we had a mandatory dress up night and the boys were all wearing girls clothes since it was all we had. (and the "leader" was afraid they were turning into cross-dressers!) yeah, the leader was a TOOL. from day 1 i hated the guy, and i know that's not very social-worker of me, but he was such an idiot that i couldn't help but ignore him. he made racist comments in front of the kids and didn't even try to help them. it bothered us all, but the fact that the boys were energetic and were enjoying themselves made up for it.

i think the best part of the trip had to be night 3....after seeing a bear in camp the previous night, the leader was freaking that the bear would come into camp. it then started to pour rain, amazing lightening and thunderstorms and we continued to cook dinner (and drink whiskey on the down low...the kids didn't know because they were all in their tent). we drank just enough to make the rain bearable and even fun, then the clouds literally parted and it was time to eat the sandy hot dogs and burgers i cooked. we happened to be camped above a sweet rapid, so us 4 guides took 2 inflatable kayaks and ran the rapid a few times. it was i've missed utah!

anyway, i load for a 4 day trip tomorrow that starts sunday morning. it'll be my frirst lead guide this year and i'm stoked about it....this hot weather is so nice, and doesn't make me miss boston one bit!

July 20, 2005


i have made it to utah, my friends.....

isaac and i had a long drive yesterday. we didn't leave camp lotus until 11am or so. we stopped for dinner in elko, nevada (whoohoo!) and rolled into salt lake city around 12am. i thought it would be fun to go trekkin' up the mountains around salt lake to look for a place to camp. eventually we found one high up in the wasatch national forest. very beautiful...lots of aspens (my favorite!) the only bummer was that i forgot my sleeping bag in groveland and ended up sleeping in the back seat of isaac's car. yeah, my n eck is still hurting today :)

we made it into ver-NAL around 2ish. did the usual stops (the cowboy shop, deseret thrift store, ashley trading post, the library) and i got to take a LOVELY 2 1/2 hour class on food preparation and handling. did you know that most food born illness is due to improper preparation and temperature? and that in utah, they call diarrhea the "trots"? (nice, i know. i practically slept through the whole thing, and was embarrassed because i almost didn't pass the test at the end). i know that he's coming to look for me on the river!

there will be more to report on my short time in california, dawnelle's wedding, and of course my river trips. for now i've gotta get to the guide house to get my first REAL night of sleep. it's been a while, my friends :)


July 12, 2005

summer time....and the livin's easy :)


i just completed my first ever summer school session. now i know why i've never taken summer school do they expect you to concentrate, when there's so many distractions? like the sun? the beach? the cape? drinking beers and having bbqs? baseball games? ahhh, the list goes on. by nonetheless, i'm SO DONE. and i'm so proud of myself. it's onto the REAL summer....

jenny, megan, monkey, and i are going to go celebrate with a few beers at my favorite pub down the street. tomorrow morning early i leave on a jet(blue) plane home! kristin is going to pick me up and head up to g-town. we have some projects to complete before dawnelle's big day.

in 1 week from now i will be embarking on a road trip with isaac out to utah. we're both on a 7 day desolation canyon trip (my first ever 7 day trip....i'm usually on the 5 day trips which aren't as fun). anyway i'm SO looking forward to being on the canyon. so looking forward to road trippin' it with isaac (he's spent the last year in chile, so we have a lot of catching up to do!) and SO looking forward to spending some much needed time with the fam. and reggie, of course!

this time tommorow i'll be chillin' on my mom's new grass, sippin a beer, chatting with friends and fam and playing with the dog. i can't WAIT! ....yes, the fun has just begun....

July 9, 2005

kitty needs a home...and other bits of randomness

first things first....i finished my 30 page community assessment paper. YEAH! i haven't worked so hard on a project before, and i finished it yesterday. didn't quite know what to do with myself since it's basically taken over my life for the past 3 weeks! so in true fashion, monkey, jenny and i went out for a little celebration. we went to this nice shee-shee wine bar/french bistro place near south station. had yummy food, then went to wally's jazz cafe. it was so awesome, these musicians were just lined up to play. and they were all so young!

i'm starting to pack my stuff for my vacation home. i can't believe how much i've accumulated since i've been here. (well, actually i'm not that surprised!) it'll be interesting to see how i'm going to move all my stuff outta here....

does anyone wanna give my kitty lola a home? she's a loving, sweet 18 lb. cat (she's not fat, just big boned) :) she is super cuddly, loves attention and likes to be outside. judy's mom and sister have been graciously taking care of her, but since her sister will be having a baby shortly they can't take care of her anymore. and we don't want to give her to the SPCA (she's just too great of a kitty!) so if you know ANYONE with a good home that is looking for a 4 yr old cat, please let me know.

it's off to get coffee for me!

July 7, 2005

london calling

i woke up to another sad, sad day for our world......

it doesn't seem that long ago that monkey, laura and i were hanging around the british museum....taking the bus to king crossing, or catching a train to the airport from liverpool station. on my first trip to london, my cousin alison and i stayed at a hostel right in russell square. things will never be the same, and my memories of my time in london have changed forever.

what makes me sad is that this is just fueling the fire of our fucked up nation. (of course i am sad for the 40 people who died in the tube and on that bus, the hundreds of wounded others, and their families). but i'm more sad that, again, our nation will be exploited by our president in the name of "homeland security". today i had flashbacks of a war rally/protest i went to in london. this was right before we invaded iraq, and britain was considering joining the good ole boys. hundreds of thousands of british protesters were there, warning blair that it wasn't a good idea. i guess today he has seen that they were right.

so what do we do now? invade another country? send more troops? sign another "homeland security act"? search everyone that gets on a bus or train? i don't have the answers.....just a whole bunch of fucking questions....

July 5, 2005

4th of July fun and sun....

hello all....

i've been without internet access for a week so i haven't been able to blog! i was in the cape again, chillin' out on the beach, playing pool and swimming. i know, i know, i have nothing to complain about! it was so nice to be able to relax.....not that i haven't been relaxing lately, it just felt good not to do anything! (and yes, i was kind of "working" while i was down there. i got about 10 pages done on my paper so that's a good start!)

my 4th of july was pretty fun. we went to a bbq in providence the night before, and i won $20 playing texas hold 'em (watch out, i'm pretty good!) but, i gave the money back because i felt bad that i won....don't bring me to vegas :) we didn't wake up til 12 the next day and headed back up to the cape to go swimming in the pool....had some beers, watched the fireworks over the water, and just chilled!

i'm getting SOOOO excited to come only 1 week! i can't believe it. things are getting prepared for dawnelle's wedding (the wedding that i'm in....only 2 weeks away!) crazy, i know. i'm starting to think about what i wanna say for the "speech" at the wedding....have to make sure not to drink TOO much beforehand...not that i would embarass dawnelle, but her parents might get a little upset if i mention all of the shenanigans we got caught up in, both in high school and afterwards!

after that it's off to utah...whooohoo! i can't wait to be in the canyon. all this time off has made me realize just how much i need to be OUTSIDE during the summer. i don't know how i'm going to make it once i have to get a "real" job! yuck! won't think about that yet!

it's off to class for me. i can't believe i only have 1 week of summer school left. where did the first half of the summer go??? :)

June 26, 2005

blazing in boston

yuck. i'm sticky. i'm hot. it's humid. yes, the summer has finally arrived in boston! jenny and i refer to the heat as "blazing saddles". it's definately blazing saddles in boston.

i just returned from a little trip to the cape to visit a new friend....we chilled, drank beers, played frisbee, and well....drank beers! it was soooo nice being on the ocean. it smelled like santa cruz, and i began to reminisce about the good ole days in the cruz....i didn't realize just how much i miss california. don't get me wrong, boston is a great place to be! but ahhh, to be chillin' on the beach in the SC, having a bonfire at twin lakes beach, and eating sushi at pink godzilla sounds just too damn good right now!

other than that, nothing new to report on shannon's whereabouts. i'm about to start writing this huge community assessment paper on tuolumne county (which is going to take up all of the 3 weeks i have left here). as is to be expected, i am DREADING going to the library tomorrow. oh well, at least it will be air conditioned....

for now, i'm gonna go change my sheets. i think it's time to get rid of the flannel sheets for some soft cotton ones. oh yeah, and i had to break down and buy a fan today. it's just too blazing saddles in this apartment!

June 22, 2005

focus, focus!


it's been an INSANE past couple of weeks....and i've been a bad blogger. i'm sorry :( i promise i'll be better! i've just returned from my short trip to california...back to boston where the weather is nasty and people look at me strange because i have a nice tan!

the flight out home was rather interesting....i swear there were 15 babies on board, all with dirty diapers crying there eyes out! needless to say i got zero sleep (plus, the baby poo smell was just a little too much for me). definately made my uterus say "yeah, not ready for that yet!"

my pops picked me up in pleasanton after a nice lunch with my grandmother. once home i got to see both my stepbrothers whom i haven't seen in a long time (one is in the coastguard stationed in oregon, while the other is in the army stationed in washington). i always joke with my hippie stepmom tish - "you're a hippie, how come your sons are in the service?" there's just somethings you can't figure out! after that, we had a nice bbq at my mom's house. i invited my guide friends who had just gotten off the tuolumne (high water trips at 10,000 cfs make me wanna shit my pants, but they think it's fun!) my mom, kevin, and my friend matt braved the rain and bbqed the shish kabobs i made. it was great to get caught up with them on all of their winter travels. made me jealous, and made me feel like i had a lazy winter!

my bro's graduation in davis was great....jason, matt and i pounded beers in the parking lot before the (yawn!) LOOOONG ceremony. someone had to be drinking! but i don't know if that was such a good idea, since i started to fall asleep during the ceremony! (no offense aaron, i'm sure you started to fall asleep during mine!) the party/bbq afterwards at my aunt and uncles new house in folsom was great. good food, family....played in the pool and the hot tub, did sake bombs with the ' know, just like any other trip home!! the next day we went out on folsom lake in my aunt and uncles new 24 ft boat. yeah, it's frikkin' HUGE! i was just trying to soak up the sun, since there's not much of it here!! it's time to FOCUS. only 3 weeks left of summer school (hahaha, bet you forgot i was in summer school!) and a few papers left to finish. i've already got summer running through my veins, so a little support from you all to stay focused would be appreciated :) hope all is well!

June 14, 2005


So, there's just no possible way to describe the incredible weekend I just had. Let's just say, Jenny and I are EXTREMELY sad to have left the farm. But we made tons of friends, saw some incredible musicians, and soaked in lots of sun (and rain)! This blog would be way too long to describe the whole experience, but here's some highlights from our 4 days at Bonnaroo:

-hippies EVERYWHERE. you think that they no longer exist, but they do! and they walk around naked! and roll around in the mud after it rains! and have children with dreadlocks!

-our camp was located in "camp happy gilmore", and we made friends with some FUN people. the neighbors we got to know were from california and north carolina. bubba (from NC) thought it would be a good idea to cook hot dogs in beer instead of water. they became our neighbors after their campsite was flooded and their car had to be pulled out of the mud.

-let's just say, it was a "introduction to the drug culture 101". yeah....people sucking on nitrus filled balloons, peddlers selling mushrooms and weed...and well, a whole lotta other things i had no CLUE about :) oh yeah, and a man dressed up as santa claus approached our tent and declared, "get me high, dammit!"

-"swamp music" became the song of the weekend. because it rained so much, everything was muddy. this became a problem for jenny, who only had flip flops. she slipped a couple times in the mud and had to be rescued by our california friends.

-outhouses for 70,000 people? yeah, i don't need to provide a visual for that one. you get it?

-AMAZING performances by jack johnson, alison krauss, ray lamontagne (check this guy OUT, he's absolutely incredible), the john butler trio, citizen cope, galactic, jurassic 5, and de la soul.

-the "karnival" parade. my costume consisted of angel wings and a halo, while jenny was decked out in lots of mardi gras beads. our friend paul was dressed up like jesus, and his brother Sean was wearing a prom dress. When we got separated from each other, i wandered around asking people, "have you seen jesus?" (yeah, i had had a couple beers for SURE!)

....and so the recovery begins!!

June 10, 2005

bonnaroo BAY-BEE!!!

yeah!!! we've arrived!!! (and it's just kinda weird that i'm blogging in the middle of a field in tennessee surrounded by lots and lots of fellow festival folk!) anyway our flight left at 6am and my friend annika graciously brought us to the airport at 4:30. yuck! layover in detroit for an hour (that wasn't so bad, we got to catch up on the sleep we didn't get the night before). made it to the humid state of tennessee, and was greeted by hundreds of other bonnaroo goers at the airport. the bus ride here was a breeze, and we got to bypass all of the traffic (which was INSANE! people waiting in line for literally hours just to get through the gates. it was basically a parking lot).

we were dropped off near the camping only section of the "farm" which is great because it's super close to "centeroo" (where all of the stages/food/games/vendors are). we set up our tent, made our little site and introduced ourselves to our neighbors. the crowd here is SO diverse. aaron (brother), i thought of you because you would be having a BALL people watching. seriously, there are hippies, wookies, frat boys, bohemian girls, naked girls, yuppies, old people, young (and i mean young!) people. yeah, it's great. i think the best part so far has been jenny and i people watching. we drank some beers, walked around and got to know where we were situated so that when the shows start today we know what stages to go to. there are literally 80 abnds playing on like 5 different stages, so we're carefully planning who we're gonna watch, when. there's also a beer garden, a air conditioned tent that plays movies 24 hours a day, batting cages, a game room, an autograph place, vendors, a general store just in case you forgot something. oh yeah, and an internet place with free internet and free use of phones in the's CRAZY! soooo much fun! 70,000 people all living together for 4 days....i love it :)

today we have a packed schedule of band after band....starting with joss stone, then jurassic 5, ray lamontagne, dave matthews...tonight there's a "mardi gras" dance that we might get dressed up for. though people here have some crazy costumes that i don't think we can compare to.

the weather is humid, and it sprinkled a little bit but it felt SO good.

have a GREAT day!

June 8, 2005

get me outta here!

allright, well as you all know....jenny and i board the plane bound for tennessee tomorrow morning at 6am. yes, that's pretty damn early, i know....but at this point i'm seriously counting down the hours til we leave. i'm already on "bonnaroo time" (have been for months!) so anything i attempt to do today takes a little bit longer to get done. i was supposed to start writing a paper that's due next week (thought i'd get a jump start on it)....figured i'd try to pack first, pick up the tent, and get that all outta the way so i could "focus" on writing the paper. but no, after i finished everything i just sat staring at my computer screen. "i wonder how hot it's going to be?"...."so how are we gonna make shade out of a 8x10 foot tarp with no poles?"...."hope someone will let us borrow some ice"....yeah, couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING.

i guess the most exciting part about this for me is the fact that it's the beginning of my summer travels! after this it's on to california for my bro's graduation. (round 1 of the cross-country summer trek). and really, i mean next year i'll have to be looking for a i might as well enjoy the summer of travel, right?

ok, well i can't even concentrate on finishing this blog so i'm gonna go for a run (make that a jog)....

June 6, 2005

the Bonnaroo countdown begins!

so i know that everyone i talk to is SICK AND TIRED of hearing me talk about bonnaroo....(i think jenny has even come close to strangling me a couple times!) but how can i not be excited?? 4 days of camping, sun, beer, and music? jack johnson? jurassic 5? iron and wine? dave matthews? joss stone? allison krauss? ray lamontagne? a beer garden? a cinema tent? not to mention lots of southern boys with nice twangy accents! hahahah.

in preparation for the event, jenny and i headed off to good old target (tar-JEY) to get the needed supplies. and yeah, it was on a whim so we took a cab there. classy, huh? i wandered the store aimlessly and piled the cart high with unneccesary supplies (like a good mother figure, jenny made me put many things back)....but we ended up with cowboy hats, a solid tarp, a few bungy cords, and lots of granola bars. sweet! and no, we didn't take a cab home, but trekked to the nearest bus stop. (and what a ride THAT was...stuffy bus + lots of passengers + no air conditioning+dirty diapers = eeew, sick i think i need to barf!)

now all that's left is to sit through 6 hours of excruciating pain (also know as summer school) tomorrow, and wednesday is dedicated to baking snacks for the trip. our flight leaves at 6am thursday morning (good god!) but that's okay....

3 more days, whoohooo!

June 3, 2005

down for the count!

It's Friday night, the weather has been great, and there's a Sox game on. And I'm curled up on the couch with a giant headache!?! AHHH! It appears as though I've come down with a sinus infection, which has proven to be very annoying considering the fact that I'm leaving for Bonnaroo in less than 6 days (whoohoo!)

Anyway, Jenny and Stephanie (an old friend from high school) got sweet tickets to the game tonight. they luckily get to partake in the hot dog eating, beer drinking, and cheering festivities. and i'm jealous :(

So I'm just gonna curl up on the couch, make some popcorn, take my amoxicillin, and watch a movie. Hopefully this time tomorrow I'll be drinking beers and watching the game....

oh yeah, this pic was from the last game Jenny and I went to in May. Posted by Hello

June 2, 2005

help me find a home! i've realized that i've seriously taken my living situation for granted. i mean, who could compare to my current roommate, ms. jenny cole? she's clean, does her dishes, has a wonderful array of hairproducts, an even larger collection of earrings...and even lets me snack on her trail mix! but alas, this girl is headin' back to the greener grass of california, and i'm stuck looking for another place to live. now, this wouldn't be so hard if our landlord wasn't a dick and i wanted to find a new roommate. nope, i'm off searching for some poor souls who will let me call their house my new home. the past few mornings have begun with a search on craigslist. (FYI, if you don't regularly check out craigslist, it's an ABSOLUTE MUST!) a hilarious community website where you can find a roommate, red sox tickets, free sofas, and even boyfriends! so anyway, i've been replying to ads looking for roommates for september 1st. and these ads are few and far between, because everyone is looking for roommates for the summer. i've responded to about 10 ads, and have received only 2 or so responses.....friggin' craigslist. anyway, i checked out a place last week and was greeted by a small man named jerry**. jerry was looking for a roommate to fill an empty room (that was currently filled with loads of shit). he proceded to show me around the disgusting apartment, complete with a fooseball table, 3 aquariums with tropical frogs (cool!), 2 hookas, and many mexican jesus candles. all the while, there was this weird christian chanting music going on, and i felt like i was at a mass or something. yeah, i tried to make small talk and pretend like i was interested in the place, but it was so hard not to , say "look jerry, this place is a fucking pigsty, and i don't think anyone in their right mind would live here!" but no, i held my tongue, asked if heat and hot water were included in the price, and how nice the landlord was. then i grabbed my purse and took off! so tonight i'm supposed to check out another place....this one is with 2 guys and a girl. the place is really close to my old deli job (grrrrr.....) but very close to the T. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.... ** name changed to protect jerry's privacy :)

May 31, 2005's the CHEESE

california and wisconsin both brag about their cows and their cheese. i mean really, who hasn't seen those silly "cheese head" hats the green bay packers fans wear every season, or those funny talking cow commercials in california? well my friends, i will have you know that vermont, that little unknown state in the northeast, has some DAMN good cheese.

among the other things vermont is known for: covered bridges, quilts, maple syrup, and men with facial hair (at least that's what the guidebook told us). so monkey and i ventured out to check out this beautiful little state...and though we only made it to the southern tip, we had quite a good experience.

we drove through the rolling green hills of western mass, then up to the little town of brattleboro, vermont (population 12,000). this town is apparently known for it's "60's mentality"...which to me translates into lots of insense, body hair, and birkenstocks. we stopped at this cute farm stand, bought the said delicious cheese, a mini blueberry pie, and some homemade bread. yum! after lunch we explored the main street, with it's cute boutiques, outdoor gear stores, political book stores, and coffeeshops. i bought some fun stickers at the bookshop and some beads for a necklace at the bead shop. almost bought a magnet that had a picture of george w. and dick cheney hugging naked, but decided to save my money for the night on the "town".....

the trip wouldn't be complete without checking out the local watering hole! oh yeah, i forgot to mention the parade that was happening (it was, after all memorial day)...though this was no memorial day parade. this parade consisted of dancers with jingle bells attached to their legs, dancing to the tune of a flute and throwing a scarf-like object in the air. i think they call it "morris" dancing, though even the locals we asked didn't know a thing about it. anyway, the dancers were in the local brewpub (i would be too if i had to dance that ridiculous dance!) they were singing numerous drinking game songs, and by 9pm were totally passed out.

i decided to try my luck on the game of "ringo" (not sure if that's the real name, but that's what monkey called it). anyway, this game consists of throwing a metal ring onto a hook that's attached to the wall. except the ring is attached to a string hanging from a piece of wood. hard to explain, but after attempting over 100 times to get the damn thing on the hook, some poor local came over and showed me the "right" way to do it. once i got the hang of it, it was great, and i promised to make one at home, just to make him feel better.

oh more thing about the was one of those places that you could throw peanut shells on the ground. it reminded me of that bar in chico that has sawdust on the ground. anyway, monkey and i bought a basket of peanuts just so we could throw the shells on the floor. (this became much more amusing after several beers, might i add) :) yup, a fun night was had by ALL!!

friends, those are the highlights from my trip. oh yeah and we passed through vermont's longest covered bridge. oh yeah, and did you know there are 3 different kinds of maple syrup? and that vermont has good cheese?? .......

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May 30, 2005

welcome to my blog!

so, it's 12am, and i'm starting a blog. don't ask me why...last time i had a "bright idea" this late in the evening, i ended up on the evening news singing a song about the san francisco giants. and yes, my mom still plays that traumatic video to every boyfriend i've brought's a long story!

anyway, i'm starting this blog 'cuz all the cool kids are doing it around here, and well, all day long i read about "organizational analysis" and "community coalition building"...i need a creative outlet, because i'm driving myself insane!

i really think today's boston globe headline should have read "for christ's sake, it's memorial day weekend and spring has FINALLY arrived!" yes, my california friends, we still have not seen the sun since the beginning of may. and it SUCKS. so today, for the first day in a long time, i actually got to run around the reservoir in a (gasp!) TANKTOP! yeah, my very pale white arms got to see the light, and no longer resemble kevin's ghostly mayo legs....

in other news, monkey and i went to vermont this weekend. we had so much fun hanging in this very hippie town (about as small as groveland, but as hippie as santa cruz. i was in heaven!) i'll write more about it later, as it's getting late and i should probably go to sleep....

go red sox! :)