February 21, 2006


...can i get some motivation over here? just a little bit? i'm struggling, my friends. it's like i am a senior in high school all over again, and have senioritis BAD! i'm so proud of myself that i'm not procrastinating on the "busy work" of the semester. but the big projects? well, i'm the QUEEN of procrastination in that department. kind of like this blog...i keep putting it off, and putting it off. do i think it will just write itself?

things are in full swing here at my internship at the Alliance on Teen Pregnancy. My fellow intern (Shannon...coincidentally) and i are in charge of putting together the annual Teen Parent lobby day at the state house. it's been a bunch of busy work and designing information, etc which i really love. but since we haven't had much contact with the programs/teens/legislators that will be at the event, i'm getting nervous that no one will show up! and we've put so much time into it! but as my supervisor says, it's surprising how quickly and wonderfully it comes together. so i guess i just gotta put some faith in the fact that my hard efforts will pay off.

he's probably reading this as we speak, but things are going well in the boy department. you know, hanging out, going to the irish pub to drink, watch the olympics, and chat with the irish bartender. watch silly movies and argue about politics. eat good food and way too many cookies. but it's nice.....

and for those of you who also adore my dog (my mom's dog) reggie, he had an unfortunate accident. well, he was kicked in the mouth by a horse, and lost one of his canine pointy teeth! he had to get it removed because it shattered in his mouth, and now he looks like a ghetto 1-tooth dog when he smiles. i think that my mom should put a gold tooth where the old one was. that would be cool :)