January 30, 2006

random thoughts....

i hate getting sucked into the whole celebrity news thing. why do we need to know about brad-gelina's baby? who cares about britney wanting a makeover? why did nick and jessica really get divorced? yes, i'm sure these are all things you are also comtemplating these days. and as i sit here, reading this week's Us Weekly, i'm disgusted with myself. but also very, very interested...(and in case you were wondering, the baby is supposedly due may 2...i day before mine!) hahahah. please save me from this trash! well, at least i don't watch tv. this is enough of a guilty pleasure for me.

it's quite a cold and dreary day here in boston. i thought we were supposed to get a big nor'easter....but it was just foggy this morning with no snow. i'm kind of looking forward to the snow (gasp!). we haven't had much this winter so far, and i know i'll be cursing myself when it snows in may. but whatever, i'm ready for it!

so things i am/we all should be thinking about this week:

what will our fearless leader say during his state of the union address this week?

will there ever be peace in the middle east with the new palestinian hamas goverment?

will the democrats attempt a filbuster to stop alito from becoming the new supreme court justice?

and finally...

what does jen think about all this brad/angelina nonsense? is she really "okay" with it??

comments, concerns, suggestions?? please let me know :)

January 17, 2006

i can see the finish line....

yes, i'm back in cold boston.

it's taken me a week to transition into "school mode"...well, i'm *almost* there! i did spend the last week sleeping in, printing off class materials, getting my computer fixed, and catching up with friends over beers. it was a great weekend too - monkey and i saw brokeback mountain. you've GOT to see it if you haven't already. and i don't want to hear any of this "it's just a gay cowboy bullshit" movie. get over yourself....it's amazing. and even if you don't appreciate the story line, the scenery alone will leave you wanting to book a plane ticket to wyoming. i'm not joking.

so i don't know if everyone has heard my summer plans...i will be managing the Utah operation of ARTA river trips (the company i've been working for for 5+ years). scary to think i'll be in charge, eh? i won't get to be on the river as much, but it'll give me the opportunity to relax (kind of) after a hectic spring semester, and give me time to look for jobs online. start thinking about making a trip out to Utah...you've got a place to stay, and a kick ass tour guide! and who knows, maybe i could hook you up with a river trip or somethin' - hey, i'm the new manager after all!

it's finally starting to feel like winter out here. last week was unseasonably warm - almost 60 degrees in january, what?? but today it's back to 20 something, and the wind chill a couple nights ago was 0 degrees. today it was sunny outside, so i wore a skirt (with tights, of course), and i was freezing cold. when will i learn that, unlike the west coast, when the sun is shining it's not necessarily warm outside? in fact it's probably colder? silly californians....

January 7, 2006

almost home...

you know you're at a ghetto redneck bar when you have to use a piece of sheetrock to chalk up your cue stick. yes, my friends, as a farewell to my mom and her anxiety of flying to hawaii, we went at had a drink at the iron door saloon (said redneck, ghetto bar). one drink turned into 3, and before i knew it, my mom was not making her shots anymore....well, i wasn't really either! we eventually made it back to the house, only to find my step-dad waiting for us, all packed up and ready to leave. my mom was in no state to drive all the way to the bay area (she's a lightweight!) so kevin had to drive the whole way. and i heard all about it this morning at 8:15am, after kevin decided to wake me up. it was a very fun farewell party!

so now i'm left hear alone in the house with reggie. last night we bonded by watching a law and order marathon together, and i let him sleep on the bed. i've never had a dog that actually sleeps like a human on the bed - his head on the pillow and all! and then sometimes he turns upsidedown so he's laying on his back with his head on the pillow. awww....i'll miss him!

so my flight back home to boston leaves at 10am on monday. i'm NOT excited to return to the cold, but i am ready to finish off my LAST semester in grad school. whoohoo! i can't believe the time has gone by so fast....

January 2, 2006

happy new years!

happy 2006!

usually my new years celebrations suck. i always make plans, they never work out, and i end up hanging out with my parents or watching tv or something and it blows (no offense to the parents, they are great!). so this year i made a different plan of attack. i promised myself i would make minimal plans. i would go to san francisco, stay with my friend, and see what happens. we called a whole bunch of others, told them to meet up with us (with no expectation that they would...didn't want to be disapointed). in the end, i was ringing in the new year with 3 of my closest friends, and a whole bunch of other new friends. i was having an awesome time until the power went out, then the cops had to escort everyone out of the bar (thankfully they let me take my beer with me!) the next morning we had this incredible breakfast and i was on my way back to groveland. i've driven so much over the past few days (up to sacramento, then to san francisco) that i'm ready to just chill at home until i go back to boston.

...you know you live in a small town when the only convenience store burns down, and the whole town knows within an hour. yes, breaking headlines here folks! tiano's, grovelands only real 7-11 type store nearly burned down after reportedly plugging too many things into the sockets after a power surge. yep, the "town mayor" (as he calls himself) was there and everyone and their brother. what a sight! though i wasn't there to witness the event, my mom provided me with all of the juicy gossip afterwards. everything happens in groveland when i move away...i'm missing all of the excitement!