December 27, 2007

Christmas in Alameda

My little gingerbread house

Jazzy and the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Paul's new leglamp

My tablescape in our little apartment

Happy Birthday Paul!

 cream cake!

Let it snow!

I'm so excited, Paul and I are going to Tahoe this weekend to visit my friend Kim in Truckee, and stay with Jenny and the Cole family in Carnelian Bay. I love Tahoe! I love the snow! I'm so looking forward to cozy-ing up by the fire with my man, drinking hot cocoa and playing a rousing game of Scrabble with Jenny and the fam. Oh yeah, and partying with Kim in Truckee! What a way to celebrate me leaving my job...and starting the new year off right! Don't worry, we'll be back for the New Year's Party in SF (if we're not snowed in...). And I promise, Christmas pics are coming tonight. I haven't had the time to catch my breath from the holi-DAZE!

December 26, 2007

Photos to be revealed

...soon! I promise! I took lots of great pictures both from Paul's 26th (Christmas Eve) birthday AND photos of presents being unwrapped. We can't forget about the gifts I made to be revealed as well! And no, thank goodness none of us looked like Ralphie this year....although there was a leg lamp involved!!

December 21, 2007

Get me outta here

I'm bored already, can't I just go home??

I'm starting to feel like this guy....

December 20, 2007

I really can't help myself...

This is what Jazzy is getting for Christmas :)

December 18, 2007

Exciting news!

I have so much to report on friends, and I apologize for not blogging sooner!
Some recent happs in my world:

- Paul is home for good. Yeah!
- We had a fantastic Christmas party on Friday night, complete with games and homemade treats and Boggle.
- I passed the CBEST test. Watch out kiddies, I may be coming to a school near you!
- I've been sewing and knitting away on Christmas gifts. I will reveal them as soon as they are unwrapped by their new owners!
- Jazzy has begun to drink out of glasses on the table, and knocked at least 2 full glasses of water all over the floor

and the best news is...

I got a new job!!!

Yes, this time around I promised that I wouldn't rush into anything that didn't feel right. And I even made back-up plans in case nothing fell through (i.e. taking the CBEST). But this new position seems great, and the folks who work there seem even better. I'm sooo excited, I feel like all that I've gone through over the last 4 months has been worth it!

More pics to follow!

December 10, 2007

New beginnings!

I know, I know...

It always seems like I'm on the move. Like I can't make up my mind about where I want to live, where I want to work, etc. And I'm sure you have about 10 different addresses for me in 3 or 4 different states.

Well, I like change. Yes, yes I do. That being said, I have a new change I'm making. I'm looking for a new job. A new gig, yes, but didn't I just start a new one? Well, let's just say it's not the right fit. Like, when you try to squeeze yourself into size 4 jeans, and you might be a size 12? Something like that. Just not fitting well.

But there is good news! Interviews are on the horizon! There's a shimmer of hope! Some great opportunities are out there. So I'm takin' on the search this time with a better outlook. No more accepting a job when my gut says it isn't right. No amount of money can make up for a bad workplace....

December 5, 2007

Wishlist my friends!

So Sophia and I (well, really Sophia since she's the computer geek) started this little amazon site, where you can buy things and we get a fraction of the profit. This will go towards startup materials for our nonprofit.

Here’s the “wish list” of what we plan on purchasing in the next few months, just in case you want to know where your $$ is going - or if Santa happens to leave it under the tree:

•“Non-profit kit for Dummies” by Stan Hutton and Frances Phillips

• "How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation in California" (book with CD-Rom) by Anthony Mancuso

•"Effective Fundraising For Nonprofits: Real World Strategies That Work" by Ilona M. Bray

•Flipchart paper


These books have all been suggested to us as “must haves” for planning and organizing purposes.

Click on to shop and help us out!

November 28, 2007

Giving thanks....

What a mellow Thanksgiving I had this year!

Paul and his family were able to make the trek up to Groveland, where it was crisp and cold (perfect for the hot tub!) We were lazy all weekend (in a good way, of course. We even made it up to Yosemite, where Paul showed off his ice skating skills in the rink at Curry village. I hadn't ice skated since I was in 7th grade (at the same rink, no less!) I'm proud to say that I didn't fall or get a concussion, though my ankles hurt a little bit!

Enjoy the pics...


The Bolings (minus dad and Jean)

Cadence got to meet Reggie

November 20, 2007

I need your help!

In case you haven't heard yet....

We (Sophia Teper and Shannon Fulton) are going to start our own nonprofit. Pretty big step, right? This is where we need your help. We're just in the beginning planning stages now (and maybe for the next year), but have developed a survey to get a sense of what you think about the idea, how you could be involved, and any advice you may have. Like we said, it's just the beginning stages...

A little about our idea: After working with each other just for a few months, we've realized that we both have amazing ideas that can be developed into something bigger. With Sophia's knowledge in marketing, web development, and general worldliness, and Shannon's background in nonprofits, social work, and the outdoor industry, we feel that our combined efforts can change our small portion of the Bay Area.

We envision taking East Bay area youth (Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, San Leandro, etc) on outdoor day/hiking trips in the area. Our focus is to introduce the wonders of the natural (and local) world to disadvantaged youth. We would develop a small curriculum for the students, and have the trips lead by volunteers with a variety of expertise (from Shannon's rafting buddies to Sophia's film friends).

Please fill out the survey now:

Please pass the word along to your friends!

November 16, 2007

pssst! don't tell paul!

I think I'm going to get him a leg lamp for Christmas. Some of you may not know the story...

When we moved into our place in Alameda, I really wanted to get a cat. Paul wasn't a fan of Uintah (my cat currently residing at my parent's ranch) so we had to get a new one. He told me that if I got a cat, he would get a leg lamp. Not just any size leg lamp, but the real McCoy...I shuttered when he mentioned it, but I really wanted a cat! And now we have Jazzy....

Paul has yet to buy the leg lamp. Maybe since Christmas is coming, he'll remember the deal. I'm hoping not. He's not getting the 6ft tall one, no way! But perhaps Santa will leave him a nice desk-sized version...

November 14, 2007

we made it!

I was just browsing on the One Brick page (an awesome volunteer organization here in the bay) and noticed that my friend erin and i are on their photos page! we "volunteered" (i use the term very loosely) to serve beer at the beer fest back in april. yes, we drank beer and got free t-shirts. isn't volunteering awesome?

November 13, 2007

I love my island city

Alameda is the shit. It calls itself the "Island City" even though it is just a man made island (but who's keeping track?) Since moving here in June, I've found all of Alameda's secret spots, from the natural grocery store (with an amazing selection of herbs and sweet peas) to a spicy vegetarian restaurant (that even Paul loves) and an old french bakery (that my mom visits every time she's in town!). I've been trying to get to know the city more, since I plan on staying here for a while. So in addition to trying out new bars and restaurants (there aren't too many we haven't hit...I mean, it is an island after all!), I am tackling the thrift stores. There are only 3 or 4 that are listed on, but I may snoop around a little bit more to find that treasure lurking on one of Alameda's dead end roads. Wish me luck!

November 12, 2007

7 truths meme

I've been tagged by my friend jasmine, (malcomama), to do the 7 Truths meme...and since I'm bored at an unnamed location (hehhe) I thought I would answer the truths now...

1) I am passionate about helping people...the world...animals...

2) I secretly love decorating my house, making yummy treats, and being martha stewart-esque

3) I love my family and friends more that words can say, and would do anything in the world for them.

4) I can play the guitar but can't sing for shit.

5) I want to start my own nonprofit within the next 2 years.

6) I am infatuated with my cat. It's sad, and it's true, and I have embraced the fact that I will be a "cat lady" in my old age.

7) I am so happy to have met my boyfriend, Paul, and look forward to many many years with him....

November 7, 2007

It's foggy in LA

I thought southern california was supposed to be sunny - the beach, the palm trees, the girls with blond hair? Not so much the case this weekend when Paul and I drove down to LA to celebrate our 1 year anniversary....

After buying a huge tres leches cake from the mexican market down the street from Paul's house in Van Nuys, we headed south to the O.C. (bling bling!) I found a sweet deal at and we stayed at the shee shee Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach. Holy dolla-bill! No wonder there is a show called "The Real Housewives of the OC". We spent most of our time inside because the weather was pretty shitty....the hot tub wasn't so bad, but it definately wasn't pool weather!

After that we headed up to Redondo Beach, where I was staying for a few days for work. Paul liked the Best Western better than the Hyatt (what the fuck?) but he's just weird like that. We met up with my cousin Ali and Bubba, and again, hung out in the room since it was cold and BLAH outside. My work site visit went really well...
I would say the highlight of the whole trip was eating at the same Cuban restaurant 3 times in a row! I became a local instantly. You know I love the mojitos!!

October 28, 2007


Yes, I was Amy Winehouse for Halloween. Tattoos, cigarettes and all!

Jenny and I got ready at her house while watching the Red Sox win another World Series Game - she was dressed as a 50's housewife, and I as the famous rehab singer. There weren't too many people dressed up in Berkeley, on this Saturday night before Halloween, which we found unusual. Even though we were the only ones dressed up, people commented on the authentic-ness of our costumes. Jenny had her pearls and oven mitt too, which made the outfit!

Hope you enjoy the was quite a debaucherous night, with a long cab ride to the bars, and an even longer cab ride back home (or so it felt like). I woke up this morning a little sore...maybe that was from sleeping on the bathroom floor (but now that's a whole 'nother story!)

October 25, 2007

Sweet Caroline....

It's just not the same watching the Red Sox in the world series if you're not in Boston. People just aren't that into it around these parts...

If I were in world series schedule would look something like this: Leave work early to pre-party, get my finest jersey on (and the hat, of course the hat!). I'd take the T to Kenmore square and be instantly swimming in a sea of people, all chanting "Yankees suck". There'd be vendors lining the streets with Red Sox apparel (most of which is anti-Yankees). I'd push my way through the crowds to whatever bar had room - the Cask and Flagon, the brewery or that other sports bar on the corner that I don't remember the name. I'd be drinking many beers with fellow-minded friends...cheering and yelling and jumping at (almost) every play. We'd sing "Sweet Caroline" when the game was over, and "Love that dirty water" in between....
After that, I'd party into the night and cab it home 'round 3am. (and really, this WAS my schedule when they won in 2004).

...but I'm not in Boston. I'm in the East Bay Area, CA - where talk is of the Oakland A's relocating, and the recent shootings at a Raiders game. I went over to my friend Martin and Emily's house. There we ate pizza, drank beers, and watched the game. It was fun, no doubt, but not the same.

By the way...I couldn't resist...

October 21, 2007

Who would you vote for?

The mountains RULE. I just spent a nice, relaxing weekend at home with all 4 parents, drinking wine, dancing at the iron door, listening to an awesome blues band, and of course eating yummy mexican food. My mom and I did have TOO much fun dressing the 3 dogs up in the Halloween costume I bought.

Tell me, who would you vote for as top dog halloween costume model??




P.S. I'm watching the Red Sox as we speak and they are kicking ass! Go Red Sox!!

October 18, 2007

I can't help myself....

Okay, here's the good news...

Reggie can always get a job being a dog halloween costume model if his "ranch dog" job doesn't pan out.

Here's the bad news....
I'm obsessed with dog costumes!

October 17, 2007

Costume for Reggie

Anyone who knows me knows I love animals. Any name 'em! (except for horses, I'm still getting used to them. They are so big!)

I also love dressing up my animals. Not the Paris Hilton or Britney Spears way with ugly pink bows and such. Just silly costumes on special occasions (ie. christmas, the red sox winning the world series, etc)

Here's the costume I got Reggie for Halloween. I'll post pics when I bring it to him this weekend. And no, do not report me to PETA or dog was harmed in any way while wearing this outfit.

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October 14, 2007

Trick OR Treat!

It's that time of year again...spider webs and pumpkins, candy corn and ghosts...

In an attempt to be festive (and original), I've decided to be Amy Winehouse for Halloween. Now for those who have been living under a rock for the past year or so, Amy is a brilliant British singer with a soulful voice. Oh yeah, and she's cracked out, literally. Supposedly, she's gotten clean, but I'm not too sure about that. Now I have no intention of getting cracked out on Halloween, but I will be wearing Amy's signature beehive, cat-like eyeliner, and many, many tattoos.

I had an exciting weekend visiting many friends....Kim came down from Truckee, where it's already snowed 3 times. Yeah for snow! Yeah for water! We spend the day walking in downtown Alameda, shopping, checking out the "Classic Car Show", and drinking Mojitos at La Pinata. It's not a trip to Alameda without going there!

After that I headed down to the Cruz to see Kristin, Jill, and Tracy. We had some great Sushi at Mobos (yum!) and of course, drank some beers at the Red Room. Ahhh...the Red Room! It was fun as always, though not the same that I remember it. Sure, I recognized some of the regulars there, (and Blaine, the bartender remembered me)...but I still felt like a stranger there! Oh well, guess that's what happens when you move on....

October 11, 2007

It's been a long time baby

Has it really been more than 1 year since I've last blogged? Ughh, that's disturbing. Anyhow it's on my new list of things to do in order to keep in touch with people, and share my ideas with the world.

First off....

Since Paul has been gone in LA, I've had a lot more time on my hands (you know what they say about "idle hands"...) Anyway this has renewed my interest in doing all of those crafty things I used to do in high school. I have to warn you, you may be receiving macrame pot holders and crocheted ipod holders (again) real soon. With my current (and future) lack of funds, it's looking like I'm going to make some gifts for Christmas this year.

What's up with Oakland drivers, huh? I left the island today with my coworker, Sophia, as we were craving In-and-Out for lunch and the closest is in East Oakland. I think we almost got side swiped twice, run over by a semi once, and there was an accident right behind us on the 880. I also heard that this morning there was a body in the middle of the highway in Hayward that people were just running over. Really? Come on people! There are no racoons in Hayward! This is not "roadkill"!

Okay, enough of my rant, I should get back to work :)