April 21, 2006

the light...the tunnel...

so i've just recovered from a case of strep throat. doesn't that sound like fun? like what you used to get when you were 7 years old and got to stay home from school? although now it's not that fun to stay home from work, knowing it's piling up on your desk. and assignments (i.e. FINALS) aren't writing themselves. but i'm proud to say that i've recovered...the nasties in my throat are gone, the phlegm is almost out, and i'm not sleeping for 18 hours a day. it's a lovely world, ain't it??

so i've come up with a really good metaphor to describe how i'm feeling about this whole i'm-finishing-grad-school-what-the-hell-am-i-gonna-do connundrum. it's like when you first see the light at the end of the tunnel, you get all excited because, hey, you're gettin' out! that's how i'm feeling now. but you know once you get closer, and the light gets brighter and brighter...so bright that it blinds you and you get all anxious and worried because you're not quite sure what's outside of the tunnel? like what makes you think the tunnel is so bad, anyway? well that's my prediction of how i will feel in approximately 3-4 weeks. scared as hell because i'm blinded by the light. (hey, isn't that an 80's song or something?) i digress. anyway, the good news is that the blindness lasts only for a split second, because pretty soon your eyes adjust to the outside world, and you have a better idea of where you are, where you're going, etc. my prediction of those feelings = approximately 5-6 months. i guess that's not a "split-second" blindess, but oh well.

only 1 more week of classes. it's pretty stinkin' unbelievable!!

April 13, 2006

maaaa-tha's vineyard

yes friends, it's time to see some pics from the vineyard. i've been so busy with school that i didn't get a chance to post 'em when we got back. but needless to say, monkey and i had a really great time! we took the ferry out, and checked into our (GHETTO) motel in vineyard haven. yeah, it was ghetto for sure! then we walked down through the little streets and went into the shops. alot were closed becaues it was sunday, but we probably couldn't afford anything anyway so that was okay. with all the shops closed, we decided to have a photo shoot on the beach. yes, a photo shoot! we took pics on the beach, in the water, on the dock. many looked like they were straight outta dawson's creek! after that, we were very much the "early bird" old married couple becase we went to go eat dinner at like 5pm. i went to order a beer, but it turns out vineyard haven is a DRY TOWN! you know what that means? no alchohol! so i was sad to say the least that i couldn't have a beer with dinner! oh well, it was ok.

so the next day we got coffee and rode the little bus around the island. we were surrounded by 3 old couples from tennessee who were concerned with "what time the bus would pick them up", and kept saying so EVERY 2 minutes in their southern twangy accent. i was getting super annoyed and i swore to monkey that we would NEVER be like that when we're old and travelling. we stopped at the oldest town on the island (edgartown) and took pictures next to the lighthouse. it was so east coast and so pretty! if anyone ever comes to the east coast, you've gotta go to the island for a day, just to check it out! all in all it was a great trip. i didn't buy a floppy hat as promised, but i did get lots of pics in my searsucker pants :) enjoy!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

isn't this a great pic? hahahah the view form our hotel. i told you it was ghetto!