June 27, 2011

Santa Cruz Mountains wine tour

A few weekends ago, Paul and I ventured south for a visit to my aunt and uncle's house in the Santa Cruz mountains. Having essentially grown up there as a child, I love visiting their house because it really makes me feel like home. Anyway, our visit coincided with my cousin Alison's last week in California before her trek to Denver, where she's starting her residency. (side note: she just graduated from med school at USC. Go Alison!) In true Fulton Family fashion, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate by going wine tasting. Sure, I knew there were some pretty good wineries in the Santa Cruz mountains - but I didn't realize how great they were (or how pretty the views were!) Here are a few shots from the day:

The view from Loma Prieta Winery

Burrell School

The grad!

June 20, 2011


It's finally summer here in Vallejo. All of my plants are finally starting to thrive! Strawberries are turning red, tomatoes are growing, and cucumbers are flowering! The radishes are getting bigger, and the sunflowers are growing taller. I love it when the weather gets this hot - it means fresh yummy veggies are on the way!

June 17, 2011

Russian River

Paul had a few days off this week, so we decided to break in our recently acquired new (to us) tent. The weather has been clear and warm, so we decided to go to the coast. We ended up at Casini Ranch campground (on the Russian River near Jenner). It was spectacular. We were the only people on the far side of the campground, and we were right on the river. This was Coco's first experience in the water, and she loved it. Here are a few pics I took:

Yeah, it doesn't look like we had any fun :)

June 8, 2011

Before and After (aka, what I did today!)

Our great neighbors gave us these chairs a while back. While they are very sturdy and great chairs, they needed some desperate TLC. Today I thought I'd update one of them for my craft room. A $3 can of spray paint and a piece of already-owned fabric later, and I have a rockin' new chair!

Before shot

Spray painting away...

Taking off the staples

Tools of the trade


Isn't it cute? I got the fabric years ago at a store in Portland. I'm so glad I kept it for this project!

June 6, 2011

FUNemployment Update

Cadence is 4!

Well, today marks the first real week of my unemployment. How have I spent the morning so far? Yelling at my chickens. Yes, you heard that right. One of my girls (I think it's Rafiki) seems to think she's a rooster. That, or she's just very vocal. Every time another hen gets ready to lay an egg in the nest, she marches up into the coop and yells/crows at them. Maybe she's jealous they are laying an egg? Maybe she just wants them to play with her? I'm not sure, but it's getting annoying. Almost makes me wanna make chicken soup. I mean, I have 3 more adorable chicks just waiting for a spot in the chicken mansion. Rafiki better shape up or she's gonna make a nice coq au vin!

In other news, I signed up for the dole today. Marie graduated from medical school, and Cadence had a birthday party on Sunday (more pics to come). I took a fun workshop at Papersource on Saturday with my friend Marcelle (read about that here). I'm filled with so much crafting inspiration it's making me antsy. Which leads me to the task for the day: clean up the neglected craft room. I can't seem to produce anything in a messy space. Ready, set, GO!

June 1, 2011

The end of an era....

So folks, today's the day. My last day here at the NWP. I've been here for 3 and a half years, and I have to say, it's a pretty bittersweet goodbye. I've learned so much here and have made so many incredible friends from across the country. I've been inspired by teachers who are deep in the trenches, serving kids (our future) with passion. I've also had wild nights with these teachers - from 4am snack runs in cabs to running to catch a flight because we're late, and many (many!) shenanigans in between. Thanks for that, friends!

I'm so so excited about the next chapter of my life. There's lots of things in the works, and a summer full of fun and sun as well. As the great rapper Tupac says, "life goes on!" Yes,it will!

Staff retreat...what??

TLN ladies in Little Rock, AR

Me in Tubac, AZ

Silly in Austin

Spike and I in DC

Babies galore at the staff picnic

Pig races in Montana

Best boss ever

My first (and probably only) trip to Disneyworld

BBQ in Austin with Babs

Paul Oh (my work husband) and I in Boston

Kareen and I at the Christmas gift exchange

Casey and I in Kansas City