July 12, 2005

summer time....and the livin's easy :)


i just completed my first ever summer school session. now i know why i've never taken summer school before....how do they expect you to concentrate, when there's so many distractions? like the sun? the beach? the cape? drinking beers and having bbqs? baseball games? ahhh, the list goes on. by nonetheless, i'm SO DONE. and i'm so proud of myself. wow....now it's onto the REAL summer....

jenny, megan, monkey, and i are going to go celebrate with a few beers at my favorite pub down the street. tomorrow morning early i leave on a jet(blue) plane home! kristin is going to pick me up and head up to g-town. we have some projects to complete before dawnelle's big day.

in 1 week from now i will be embarking on a road trip with isaac out to utah. we're both on a 7 day desolation canyon trip (my first ever 7 day trip....i'm usually on the 5 day trips which aren't as fun). anyway i'm SO looking forward to being on the canyon. so looking forward to road trippin' it with isaac (he's spent the last year in chile, so we have a lot of catching up to do!) and SO looking forward to spending some much needed time with the fam. and reggie, of course!

this time tommorow i'll be chillin' on my mom's new grass, sippin a beer, chatting with friends and fam and playing with the dog. i can't WAIT! ....yes, the fun has just begun....

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