May 25, 2006

goodbye beantown

yes, i've said my goodbyes to the best city in the east....

i had quite an eventful last week in boston. i finished my wilderness first responder (WFR) class on an island off the coast of south boston. it was a pretty rad place, and we even got to do a night time search and rescue. i was a secondary responder, which meant i got to talk on the radio. it was awesome...who doesn't like ending every sentence with "copy?" or "10-4"!!

then i basically partied for 2 days with my BC friends to celebrate our graduation and my goodbye. i was in charge of picking the venue, and of course i picked the shady-est dive bar in boston. now what did you expect?? some of the higlights include:

eating lots of free popcorn

taking shots of whiskey with my professor

beating 2 guys at pool

and getting beer poured on my head by a guy who was pissed off that i wouldn't go home with him. (it was a good thing that i wasn't in a bad mood, otherwise i would've kicked him in the balls! but in my stupor i didn't realize he had intentionally poured it on me...i thought it was "spilled". oh well, the bartender felt bad and gave me a free shot. SWEET!)

after a semi-hungover flight home, i made it to my mom's house. we've been putzing around the property...she bought this little go cart 4 wheel drive looking thing called a "mule". we took it out 4 wheeling and i thought i would tip it for sure! i've been spending some quality time with reggie, and preparing for my flight to utah. i wish i had more time to hang, but the river calls!!

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Uncle Leo said...

Guys can be such dicks.