November 25, 2008

San Antonio

I didn't get to blog the entire time I was in San Antonio, due to the fact that my ancient laptop died a sudden death. Or got a virus, I'm still trying to figure that out. Anyhow, here are some quick highlights of the trip. I will post a full-on recap when I return from Thanksgiving (Vegas baby!).

Highlight #1: More teachers than I've ever met/seen in my life. They were so stoked on life, on teaching, on the NWP. They were amazing and inspiring. I loved it.

Highlight #2: LIVE BULL RIDING. Yes, I said it. It was indoor. It was at a place called "Cowboy Dance Hall". There were 2 live bands, 2 step, and poker. And chain smoking and lots of 10 gallon hats. It was pure heaven.

Highlight #3: Hanging w/ my favorite co-workers. Piano bars that played amazing covers. A dive bar called the Gulch, where a round of 3 Bud's cost $6. Burgers, beer, and no-whiner dinners at the hotel bar. Awesome.

Highlight #4: Taking an old fashioned picture with Spike (see Highlight #3). Will post as soon as I get it scanned. Let's just say the roles were reversed (I had a bolero tie, Spike was in a southern-belle dress).

Time to pack for Vegas. Thanks, San Antonio, for the great time!


malcomama said...

And, apparently, really decent Hello Kitty shopping, too. Sweet! :) Sounds fun, S.

malcomama said...

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