December 17, 2008

Ladies that Dine Christmas Extravaganza!

I hosted the official "Ladies that Dine Christmas Extravaganza" on Monday night - you can tell by the pictures it was a very fun and crafty night. On the menu was broccoli soup, bruschetta and garlic bread, and mini pumpkin pies.

After we ate, we opened the gifts we made for each other. I made the rule a few months ago (to give advance warning), that we should make gifts for each other this year....I was met with resistance until the very end, but the Ladies stepped up to the plate and created some wonderful gifts:

It was like Christmas pooped all over my house, it was so festive!

1 comment:

malcomama said...

A handmade (and home-cooked) Christmas! I LOVE! Good job ladies! :)