January 16, 2010

Must make

Found this great coat hanger idea on Prudent Baby via Ish & Chi. Yes, I subscribe to Prudent Baby, and no, I am not pregnant! They just have some great baby craft ideas. And since I have so many friends with babies, the possibilities are endless!!

I'm thinking about making this coat hanger frames for both our hallway and my craft room. I have these cute old knobs that would be perfect. Hrmmm, the wheels in my brain are turning...


Angela said...

LOVE this idea!

malcomama said...

Are you getting the "Are you pregnant?" thing all the time now? I remember that stage for me...highly annoying when people think they can get all up in your grill, mainly because you are newly married. What the???

This is a cute craft: I wish we lived closer so we could do this stuff together! My cousin and I went to Crafty Wonderland in December...Glorious idea-gathering place!!!