December 6, 2005

a jaded love story...and a broken computer

so i'm actually not blogging on my computer's got a nasty virus and i don't know what to do about it. everytime i open something up, it says it is sending "hot horny asian" emails to people (note: i'm sorry if you get one!) i've been downloading lots of stuff for my final projects that i've been working on. must've gotten it then (or maybe it was when i was looking at midget porn the other day? oh well!) anyway it's been such a pain in the ass because, well, it's finals week. and i have 2 major papers/presentations due on Friday. Luckily for me, work has been slow and I've been able to work on it here (don't tell my bosses....)

in other news of the weird, i've met a guy. weird, i know. and i'm jaded, so i'm not going to say how cool, or cute, nice, or funny he is. yeah, it just jinx's it...and i'm not ready for that. gotta enjoy it a little bit longer. once we get passed the "are we going to keep hanging out?" stage, i'll let you all know the details :)

and guess what??? i'm going to CUBA in less than a month! i'm soooo friggin' excited. thanks to all who have donated money/supplies to bring with me. i've gotten 3 huge boxes of stuff, and over $200 to buy things. so far i bought a lot of ast/school supplies for the little kids. i couldn't imagine not havin crayons growing up! i leave the bay area on january return in Boston on the 17th. and please, don't ask for cigars...they aren't allowed, and i'm not going to stash them in unmentionable places just for you :)

...and i'll be home in CA on dec. 16th for those that wanna hang out...just get in touch....

happy december!!!


Anonymous said...

He is ever so cool, cute and smart and funny..... not nice.... but the other stuff... treat him well and bake him many things.... yes, good plan.

Anonymous said...

Shannon - as an anonymous friend of this mystery boy, I can tell you, he thinks you're lots of fun and would like to hang out again... he also says you're quite pretty... then again, he has a tendency to lie, but as a good friend of his, I can tell you he's probably only lying a little.