December 26, 2005

my mom has turned into a cowboy

yes friends, it's true.

i leave the state for a mere year and a half only to return to my cowboy mom. and she doesn't just have the wranglers and the belt buckle. she has expensive chaps, and 2 stetson hats. she listens to kenny chesney, and does the "be-donk-a-donk" dance. she rides her horse almost every day, and is having a barn build on her property. she started drinking scotch (well, i'm not sure how cowboy that is). it's funny, because since i've been goen, i'm definately more of a city girl (a "girly girl", as some would say). so as i get further towards the "city" side of the spectrum, my mom is getting further towards the "country" side of the spectrum. this is to the delight of my step dad. the rest of us are just in shock. it's just interesting....

my trip home has been fun so far...i've seen so many people from the past. that's when you know you're from a small town - when you see 10 people you know in the local walmart. we went into the iron door saloon for a drink, and we were seriously the only people in there. it was i remember what winters were like in groveland. boring!

i've also been learning how to knit which is pretty challenging. although because i know how to crochet, i'm learning at a faster pace. but i practice and practice...i show my mom a finished piece and she looks at me and says (in her motherly tone) "honey, that doesn't look right". awww, she's so nice. don't plan on me making any hats or scarves for anyone yet. i need to keep practicing...

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