June 13, 2006

hello from utah!

i know, i know...it's been WAY TOO LONG! the joys of living in utah, no wireless access anywhere, and it takes days just to get dial up. so i'm sitting here in the library, trying to get work done on my couple days off.

so i'm HERE! and life is great! the first couple trips have launched and we've had some really good people, good weather, and just fun in general. i got to row my own boat on the last trip, and it was SO nice to be on the river again...the canyon hasn't changed and is still as gorgeous as ever. it reminded me of why i spend my summers in utah....

when i'm not on the river i've been cleaning up the guide house. it's kind of white trashy (which is unavoidable in utah), but could use a lot of work to clean it up a bit. so i've been painting the inside (the kitchen and the office) and the outside (the chicken coop where some guides sleep). i've also landscaped the whole yard so it doesn't look like a trailer park. and i cut the grass with a beer in my hand. i'm in heaven:)

and i'm sure most of you have heard that i've adopted a sweet little orange kitty that i named "uintah" (the name of the mountains around here). she's adorable but loves to play. and i mean at 4:30 in the morning when the roosters across the street start crowing. that kind of sucks, but otherwise she's great. i accidently rolled over on her last night when i was sleeping and she let out the cutest little "meow!"...awww, poor baby :)

so saturday my friend isaac and i are teaching an 8 day junior whitewater school. i'm SO excited, i think i'm one of the only guides that has never taught a school! hopefully the mosquitos aren't out in full force, otherwise we will be lucky to escape the put-in without getting west nile. i'll let you know how things go!

another post will follow as soon as i get my internet running...hope all is well my dear friends!!

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