June 26, 2006

sometimes the best cowboy.....is a woman

hello from utah!

man, am i tired! i just got finished teaching a 9 day junior whitewater school to 7 teenagers. it was super fun, hot, lots-o-mosquitos, but definately worth it. the highlight of the trip may have been seeing my grandparents on the side of the road on the last night at camp! (it's a long story...i'll write more later).

so now i just finished 2 days of preparing for our next trip. i have 1 on the water with 6 guides and 24 people, and we're launching the same numbers tomorrow. CRAZY! it never gets this busy in utah! it's good for work, but man am i tired! and i don't get to hang out with uintah as much as i want. luckily she has some amazing grandparents next door that love her to pieces....they spoil her rotten, even more so than me!

i just wanted to let everyone know that i'm surviving out here! having a lot of fun for sure, trying not to stress out about stuff, and enjoying the summer! more later, i promise...it'll have to wait for my next day off :)

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iZING said...

You must have had a busy summer... when are you going to start posting again?