April 8, 2008

Any thoughts....

...on the protests going on around the world against China and their hosting the Olympics?

This is a pic from a protest today in San Francisco. There was a mini-protest in Berkeley last week. I think it's great that people all over the world are protesting this. I mean, really, killing Monks? They are the most peaceful, nonviolent people in the world. It's interesting though, to see how people in other countries protest. In France, this guy full on grabbed the torch out of a runners hand. In SF, protesters took a different approach and hung signs off of the Golden Gate.

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malcomama said...

Yeah...I don't think we SHOULD support China with much of anything. Problem, of course, is that it's such a monster of a country. It's the fear of "what would they do to us or the rest of the world if we officially shunned them?" be it at the Olympics, trade policies, etc. ???