April 10, 2008

Washington DC trip

I've finally been able to post a few pics from my recent trip to DC. I had a FABULOUS time! The cherry blossoms were out everywhere, and were just a gorgeous addition to the beautiful old buildings. I was there for NWP's Spring Meeting, and it was a great event. Teachers from across the country came to talk with their legislators. It was amazing to hear their stories and to see how excited they were to have told their story to their representatives. Democracy is great!

Anyway, you know that I don't go anywhere without having a great time. I was able to go to many of the museums around town - from the National Portrait Gallery to the Museum of Art, to a few of the Smithsonians and the National Botanical Garden.

Highlights of the trip include:
- Seeing Stephen Colbert's portrait on exhibit (the one above his mantle on the show!)
- An Obata Yosemite exhibit (A Japanese artist that did beautiful watercolors of Yosemite)
- The Budweiser Clydesdale horses on display for the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition
- Going to Anthony Bourdain's restaurant "Les Halles"
- Orchids at the botanical garden
- Having dinner and catching up with a friend from grad school

All in all, it was a great time meeting new teachers, hanging out with cool co-workers, and enjoying the nation's capital. I never realized how cool of a city DC is!


Yehia said...

Hi, Nice Post

malcomama said...

Sweet trip, Shannon. I really admire how you always sample a little of everything each city you visit has to offer...Very well-rounded style of traveling. By the way: the hair looks nice so sleek and straight!

What did you eat at Les Halles?