May 9, 2008

27th birthday fun

I have to admit that my 27th birthday was one of the best ones that I've had in a LONG time! We started off a day early and headed down to Aptos and stayed at the Beach house with my dad and stepmom. Basically did all of my favorite Santa Cruz things - went to Bookshop SC, Streetlight Records, and Mobo sushi. Yum! After a few walks on the beach with Duke (the dog), we had dinner and a few of my SC friends stopped by. As the night progressed we had a fire, drank more beers, and walked over to the Mediteranean to have more birthday drinks, play pool, and play tunes from the great juke box. It was a great way to start out the day!

Saturday was a day of preparing for my party - we eventually made it home to Alameda and I finished off the preparations for the party. We had a great BBQ early in the night, complete with polish dogs cooked on the little webber grill. Paul let Cadence eat grass while Marie wasn't looking.

People started coming over around 8pm - about 25 people showed up to wish me a happy birthday and drink birthday mojitos (my favorite!) I had such a great time (as you can tell by the pictures) and was so happy to share the day with friends and family.

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malcomama said...

Happy, happy 27th, our friend!