August 1, 2008

Workin' in Montana

Yes folks, I said WORKING! The event I'm working is a "retreat", but it's not a retreat for me by any means! I arrived on Tuesday afternoon in Red Lodge, MT and have been working hard ever since. Some of you may have heard on the news about the fire that's about 8 miles outside of Red Lodge. Luckily it's not close to the resort we're staying at, but we can still smell the smoke and have seen firefighters in town.

We're already into Day 2, and folks are really enjoying themselves. I've been able to try some good Montana-brewed beer, eat some yummy local beef, and have heard about all of the fun local spots to check out from the hotel staff (including a saloon outside of town that has PIG RACES! We're going to check them out tonight, and I can't wait!) Of course, I'll blog about those tomorrow.

I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to the next part of the trip, which is when Barbara (friend/co-worker) and I will be venturing into the Yellowstone wilderness. We've already been warned about the bears (and I was even given "bear spray" in case they attack). I'm hoping that we will avoid an attacking bear, but I wouldn't mind seeing one or a few moose. More stories and pics to come, but enjoy the few I've already taken.

Rock Creek Resort

My room (it has a full kitchen, whoohoo!)
The view from my room

Rock Creek is right outside of my room

Resort again

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malcomama said...

Oh, my--absolutely breathtaking wilderness! What an interesting place to go for a WORK trip...