March 13, 2009


Yes, I'm here in Kalamazoo (it really does exist, as the locals say!) I arrived last night to attend NWP's Rural Sites Network Conference, where teachers from rural sites across the country come together to talk about rural issues. This is my first time attending the event, and I'm really excited to be here and to explore Kalamazoo. So far everyone I've met is super friendly, and the view from my hotel room is amazing! Granted, it's not quite spring yet so the trees are bare, but there are lots of old brick and marble buildings and churches. Today I'll explore the downtown area (home of the country's first "outside mall") and attend a pre-conference discussion, then tomorrow there are many more workshops to choose from. I met a guy on the plane from Chicago that can get me on a Kellog's cereal facility tour - he said that during the summer, the area smells like frosted flakes. Who would've thought?

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