May 24, 2010

Makerfaire 2010

I was so happy to finally attend Makerfaire 2010! I've know about Makerfaire for a while, but I always had conflicts on the weekend it was held. Anyway, it totally lived up to my expectations (and more!) Paul was even a fan - and I didn't even have to drag him there. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day:

Weird old carnival-carriage

My treasures from the day, including a vintage stopwatch necklace, beet seeds, earrings, patterned japanese masking tape, and lots of inspirational vendor cards

Block printed tea towel - love it!

my beautiful new necklace

I couldn't resist the cut-outs

Paul couldn't either, especially if Big Foot is involved


Angi B said...

I totally missed out! LOVE bigfoot paul.

malcomama said...

I have some vintage Pyrex bakeware in varying pastels that I LOVE. I want to have a shelf in our next (bigger) house devoted to my collection!