May 20, 2010

A piece of Portland

Here are a few fun photos from my trip to Portland last month. I got to hang out with my favorite family, the Chaps. Our first stop was the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden . Little M had an awesome time feeding the ducks and chasing the geese. At one point we were surrounded by about 15 Canadian Geese! It was pretty scary because they were honking really loudly, but Nate had a great time chasing them off.

Next stop was Uwajimaya, the ultimate in Asian food, drinks, and gifts! I got myself a few little treats: A new bento box, Yan Yan, some candies in a tin, and grapefruit sours. They had an awesome collection of crafts books and mags, but they were all in Japanese :(

As you may remember, I was in Portland also attending NWP's Urban Sites Conference. One of the activities I participated in was writing about the Japanese Internment in the Pacific Northwest, and we visited a museum and waterfront park in Portland dedicated to this issue. Here's my favorite quote, written on a rock in the park:

"Sure I go to school. Same as you. I'm an American."

I had such a great time visiting my friends!

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