February 10, 2012

Job Update

my morning route to work

Many of you have been asking me about how my job is going, so I thought I'd share a little bit about that.

First of all, if you didn't know I'm now the Statewide Events and Meetings Coordinator at the California Faculty Association (CFA). This is the union that supports the 23,000 faculty (professors, coaches, librarians) at the 23 California State University Campuses (CSU). The organization itself has a lot of members, but the number of staff is fewer than at NWP (my last job). It's really exciting to work for an organization that is politically involved and stands up for the rights of it's employees. It is very evident that the staff (and members) are very aware of what's going on in the world. Every thing is political, and though some people might not like working in an environment like that, I've come to like it a lot. But, for those that know me, you know I'm a political person - I've always been an advocate for something!

While I like working for a political organization, and like being surrounded by informed individuals, I like that my work itself isn't political. I'm organizing logistics for events, managing registrations for conferences, and working with hotels to make sure that things go smoothly. I know that some folks may find that boring, but I thrive on organizing anything (must be my OCD!) So I would say, so far, so good!

My commute hasn't been so bad either. When I was working in Berkeley, my commute was an hour - now it's and hour and 15 minutes. Most of that is spent on the train, whizzing through the pastoral views of Vacaville, Dixon, and Davis. I love being able to read, nap, or listen to music and not have to deal with traffic.

The only downside to my new job is that Coco is having to adjust to being home alone again. Though we are lucky enough to have neighbors that check in on her, she's still stressed and sad about us not being home all of the time. We're trying to deal with that as it comes, but as more than a few people have told me...."it's time that she becomes a dog." Instead of the human/baby that I treat her as :)

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