February 14, 2012

On Spring gardens....

My seeds are here!

 My lovely heirloom seeds are here, straight from Baker Creek Seed Co. in Missouri. If you're ever in Petaluma, they also have an awesome shop there as well. Check it out! I'm so very excited to start these babies in my new seed starter (I splurged and got a new one this year - last year I used old yogurt cups but I don't have many left).

I'll let you know how things progress. I got some pretty interesting seeds - lemon cucumbers, sweet peas, orange tomatoes, mini bell peppers, tiny pickles (and about 15 other varieties).

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John said...

If you haven't planted it before I think you will love your Chadwick Cherry tomatoes - I've been planting that variety from Baker Creek for about 3 years - our 3-year-old son loves to pick and eat them right off the plant!