January 2, 2006

happy new years!

happy 2006!

usually my new years celebrations suck. i always make plans, they never work out, and i end up hanging out with my parents or watching tv or something and it blows (no offense to the parents, they are great!). so this year i made a different plan of attack. i promised myself i would make minimal plans. i would go to san francisco, stay with my friend, and see what happens. we called a whole bunch of others, told them to meet up with us (with no expectation that they would...didn't want to be disapointed). in the end, i was ringing in the new year with 3 of my closest friends, and a whole bunch of other new friends. i was having an awesome time until the power went out, then the cops had to escort everyone out of the bar (thankfully they let me take my beer with me!) the next morning we had this incredible breakfast and i was on my way back to groveland. i've driven so much over the past few days (up to sacramento, then to san francisco) that i'm ready to just chill at home until i go back to boston.

...you know you live in a small town when the only convenience store burns down, and the whole town knows within an hour. yes, breaking headlines here folks! tiano's, grovelands only real 7-11 type store nearly burned down after reportedly plugging too many things into the sockets after a power surge. yep, the "town mayor" (as he calls himself) was there and everyone and their brother. what a sight! though i wasn't there to witness the event, my mom provided me with all of the juicy gossip afterwards. everything happens in groveland when i move away...i'm missing all of the excitement!

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