January 30, 2006

random thoughts....

i hate getting sucked into the whole celebrity news thing. why do we need to know about brad-gelina's baby? who cares about britney wanting a makeover? why did nick and jessica really get divorced? yes, i'm sure these are all things you are also comtemplating these days. and as i sit here, reading this week's Us Weekly, i'm disgusted with myself. but also very, very interested...(and in case you were wondering, the baby is supposedly due may 2...i day before mine!) hahahah. please save me from this trash! well, at least i don't watch tv. this is enough of a guilty pleasure for me.

it's quite a cold and dreary day here in boston. i thought we were supposed to get a big nor'easter....but it was just foggy this morning with no snow. i'm kind of looking forward to the snow (gasp!). we haven't had much this winter so far, and i know i'll be cursing myself when it snows in may. but whatever, i'm ready for it!

so things i am/we all should be thinking about this week:

what will our fearless leader say during his state of the union address this week?

will there ever be peace in the middle east with the new palestinian hamas goverment?

will the democrats attempt a filbuster to stop alito from becoming the new supreme court justice?

and finally...

what does jen think about all this brad/angelina nonsense? is she really "okay" with it??

comments, concerns, suggestions?? please let me know :)

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Paula said...

I'm sure Jen was a little hurt by how quickly the baby came up, but luckily she can soothe herself in the warm embrace of vince vaughn's undefined arms. Then she can watch him try to act post-swingers and have a good laugh. :) miss you fulton!