March 30, 2006

floppy hats and searsucker pants

floppy hats and searsucker pants, you ask?

well....this weekend monkey (my partner in crime) and i are taking the ferry to martha's vineyard. or as they would say here in massachusetts "the vineyard" or "maaah-tha's vineyaaahd" (crazy accents). anyway we're leaving on sunday night and just staying one night. but i definately have envisioned what our trip will be like there: it's gonna be sunny and warm, we're gonna rent some cruiser bikes and ride along the coastline and have picnics on the beach. i'm going to be wearing a big floppy white hat, very large jackie o. sunglasses, and blue searsucker (striped) pants. and we'll stop at bakeries and marvel at the victorian "gingerbread" houses.

in reality it will most likely be raining and/or foggy. i'll have my down coat on and no floppy hat. and the bakeries will be closed. and the bike store will be burnt down.

the good news is, it's supposed to be at least 50 degrees and partially cloudy. and we've got a hotel right on the beach. who needs bikes anyway? :) i'll definately keep ya'll informed. in the meantime, i gotta go get some big jackie o. sunglasses....

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