March 6, 2006

march madness

march madness is RIGHT! it's friggin' grand central chaotic station here in my life as a grad student, policy intern, babysitter, beer drinker, reader, etc....

in between midterms (1 due last week, 3 due in the upcoming weeks) my co-intern at the Alliance on Teen Pregancy and i are putting together a Lobby Day. march 21st at the MA state house. mark your calendars folks! right now we're busy running around trying to get speakers, getting rsvp's from legislators, calling catering companies, ordering displays, etc. and doing advocacy trainings for teen parents all over the state of massachusetts. tomorrow we have 2 in worcester (pronounced WOOO-sta!) and 2 next week in the wee corners of the state. crazy, i know. brother, his girlfriend, and my cousin are coming to visit in 3 days! yeah, i'm so excited! i'm trying to put together a little itinerary for us, since i figure this may be the last time i'll really get to toot around boston. i'm thinking the sam adams brewery for sure, fenway, some clam chowda, you know the usual boston thing. if any of you bostonians have any suggestions, let me know!'s back to working on midterms for me. hope everyone else is enjoying this crazy month of march. oh yeah, where did february go, anyway???

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