March 18, 2006

vegas party 2.0

well, you know you're getting old when you spend st. patricks day eating cupcakes, getting drunk off of 3 beers, and find joy in swiffering the floor at 12 am. yes friends, that was the extent of my st. patricks day celebration! well, i told myself that i couldn't go out because i have a mess of things to do this weekend, and i couldn't afford to be hungover (i'm saving that for sunday, when i head off to southie to watch the world famous boston st. patricks day parade!) so yeah, monkey and i were pretty pathetic....we ended up trying to watch law and order but it wasn't on. damn!

anyway i wanted to let everyone know that i will be in vegas the weekend of may 5-7th for my birthday, version 2.0! for those of you who don't know, i spent my 21st birthday in vegas. and yes, it was as crazy as you would expect, with me and 7 other girls! you know it was a success when someone had to puke before getting on the plane on the way home (sorry, judy!) it was great. and i'm inviting everyone that can make it to join me in the fun this year! i don't really promise a puking-ly good time (although you never know!) but i am getting old. we'll be on the strip, but i plan on spending most of my time lounging around the pool at my aunts house, drinking cocktails all day, and maybe even dancing at night?? please let me know if you can attend :)

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