October 21, 2007

Who would you vote for?

The mountains RULE. I just spent a nice, relaxing weekend at home with all 4 parents, drinking wine, dancing at the iron door, listening to an awesome blues band, and of course eating yummy mexican food. My mom and I did have TOO much fun dressing the 3 dogs up in the Halloween costume I bought.

Tell me, who would you vote for as top dog halloween costume model??




P.S. I'm watching the Red Sox as we speak and they are kicking ass! Go Red Sox!!


laura w said...

my roommate and i unanimously put our votes in for Reggie. aww, Reggie!

hope you had fun busting a move at the iron door ;)

Sophia said...

ruby...definitely ruby...

p.s. you are an animal abuser.

malcomama said...

I'm liking Sophie's snooty-nosed pose!