February 17, 2008

Winter visit

I started off my weekend early on Friday by taking the day off and heading up to my parents house for a fun winter visit! Paul came home late Thursday night (a Valentine's treat!) and we packed up and left for a lunch date at my dad's house. Friday night we spent at my mom's drinking beers with some of my rafting friends and laughing WAY too much. Saturday we headed up to Yosemite for a friend's photography exhibit and some picture taking at the Awanhee hotel (if you've never been before, it's a MUST. Especially right now with all of the snow!) Sunday morning we were lazy...my mom made a yummy french toast breakfast and we walked around the meadow and watched Reggie swim in all of the fresh ponds that have formed from the recent rain. It was a beautiful weekend, and I was sad to say goodbye!
The Awhanee covered in snow

Paul and I

Mom and Kev

Half Dome

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malcomama said...

You guys are such a handsome couple...your mom and Kev, too! :) I miss Yosemite...