February 25, 2008

Las Vegas

I just spent the past weekend relaxing in Las Vegas. No, I didn't go down to the strip, and didn't even put a quarter in the slot machines! I went to Vegas to visit my grandparents in celebration of my grandmothers birthday. It was quite a relaxing weekend - visiting, eating good food, playing ping pong at the rec center (hahaha) and driving up to Red Rock Canyon. It's incredibly beautiful up there, and if you're ever in Vegas and need a break from drinking, it's definately a nice road trip. While I was up there, surrounded by the desert mountains and sagebrush, I began to think about Utah and how much I want to go there this summer. I'm hoping that I will get to go on at least 1 trip this summer, if not even just going out there for a while and spending some alone time in the desert is what I really need right now. So anyway, it was a good weekend to clear my head and think about all the trips I want to take this summer. I can't wait!

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malcomama said...

Sounds great: Nate and I definitely want to take a river rafting trip with you one day when MC can be left for a time with grandparents...How fun!