June 8, 2008

Rocky Mtn. High

I'm here in Denver, playing on my computer while taking notes for my Leadership Team meeting. I came here yesterday at 9am (after catching a 5:45am flight outta Oakland)for this quick overnight meeting. As I was waiting for the hotel shuttle at the airport, a woman asked me, "what is the name of those mountains over there?", and I replied "oh, those are the Rocky Mountains!" She got so excited and took her camera out, and started singing "Rocky Mountain high"...I watched her stuff while she tried to get the best angle of the mountains (trying not to include the various buses that were blocking her view). I think I made her day.

I couldn't help but reminisce on the times that I have spent in Denver, Colorado, and this part of the west. Like the time Amy, Sky and I took a road trip through Steamboat springs, stopping in Rocky Mtn. National Park, up to Boulder (slept on the side of the road), and then down to Denver (with many fun stops along the way...especially to the Coors light brewery!) Or the time I came to visit my aunt and uncle who were living here, and we went up to Pikes Peak and down to Red Rocks and Valley of the Gods. This state is absolutely gorgeous...

The meeting went really well, and I passed out early because I was pretty exhausted. I talked to Paul right before I fell asleep, and he was at the A's game, trying to sneak into the luxury boxes. Him and Martin and some other buddies had been tailgating at the game, and were up to no good. I wish I could've joined them!

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