February 18, 2009

Wedding photos

The one thing that I'm willing to spend lots of $$ on for the wedding is a photographer. Sure, the memories will last a lifetime, but the night itself won't. I'm really picky about it, since hey, I'll be looking at them for the rest of my life, along with all of my family and friends. Thank goodness my favorite photographer in Tuolumne County is available for our wedding. Rich has done our family pics, my senior pics, dances (back in the day!), and other friend's weddings (Dawnelle's pics turned out great!) So yeah, needless to say I'm already looking for photo inspiration online, as I don't want our pictures to be "traditional" - since we are not, by any stretch of the imagination!

(yup, those are my parents!)

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malcomama said...

Can you look any more like your mom???!!!