February 9, 2009

Wedding tunes

If it were up to me, I would be very content with a rockin' bluegrass band and my ipod to provide the music for our wedding. However, Paul being the musical connoisseur that he is, the bluegrass band, at least, is outta the question. I can live with that. However, one thing I KNOW we will struggle to agree on, at some point, is our "first dance." Because our wedding is already going to be somewhat "untraditional", I'm a little reluctant to choose just 1 song. But, then again, I guess some traditions are there for a reason.

Anyway, I've always imagined my "first dance" song to be Norah Jones' "The Nearness of You." Now in a perfect world, I'd be the one singing the song on the dancefloor to Paul. Yeah, right. I don't wanna scare anyone away! I guess playing it through the speakers will have to do...

In case you've never heard this song, you can hear it here. And yes, this is a weird "Pride and Prejudice" video. Don't pay attention to the video montage, just pay attention to the words :)

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