May 31, 2009

My kind of town, Chicago....

Things will wind down today and I'm getting really excited about my visit into the city of Chicago! I've been couped up in this airport hotel for the past few days, and my good friend Laura will be picking me up today for my whirlwind adventure in the city. We're planning on just chillin' today (meeting her friends, drinkin' drinks, makin' food), and I've come up with an itinerary tomorrow:

- ride the L into the city w/ Laura, get some coffee
- bus to the Shedd Aquarium. I had no idea it was the country's (the world's?) largest aquarium. I LOVE aquariums (mostly anything that has to do with penguins)
- deep dish pizza for lunch
- head to the Art Institute of Chicago to see "American Gothic". Definitely some inspiration for Paul and I's wedding shots
-end the day with dinner w/ Laura and her gf. To bed early so I can catch my 5am shuttle to O'Hare!

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