February 12, 2010


I've read reviews in the New Yorker multiple times about street vending cupcake trucks in New York city (like a taco truck, only with cupcakes). It would make me sad because I was unaware of any "bakeries on wheels" in the bay area. Well, I had my first experience today (thanks Natalia!) right here in downtown Berkeley. The Cupkates truck was super cute and you could smell sweet smells coming out of it. I was a little overambitious about bought 4 (at $2.75/piece, that's pretty pricey, but I figured they would be valentine's day treats). I kept it simple getting 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla, 1 lemon-raspberry, and 1 red velvet. YUM! Now, I haven't had them yet (last day of the cleanse)...but am saving these goodies for breakfast tomorrow. With a nice strong cup of coffee. And my valentine :)

Happy Valentines Day to all!

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