April 14, 2010

Birthday wishes

I know that my birthday is about 3 weeks away (19 days to be exact), but I've already come up with my birthday wishlist. This is mostly stuff I've been wanting for a while or have seen recently online - but have held off buying because we're saving for our "almost" house:

1) Tickets to see the Avett Brothers at Mountain Winery in Saratoga.

2) This stamp set by Yellow Owl Workshop:

3) Handmade Marketplace

4) This dress from the Gap

5) Handmade Home

6) This necklace from Tamar:

and finally....A teacup pig!!

1 comment:

Angi B said...

I LOVE how you even included a link for buying a PIG! To hell with chickens, let's go straight to pigs :) BTW, my mom had a pig for a few years, his name was pork chop...totally cute.