April 17, 2010

The wandering mind...

I'm here in Chicago for a work meeting, though my mind is on this summer (the amazing spring-like weather we've had lately probably has something to do with it). I'm looking forward to many awesome adventures in the upcoming months* (including, but not limited to):

1) My birthday/annual Spring Camping trip in Big Sur

2) Buying our first house(!)

3) Teaching a youth whitewater school on my favorite section of the Green River, Desolation Canyon

4) Being a part of my brother's wedding in San Diego

5) Planning a NWP retreat (at one of my all time favorite venues, Tubac Golf Resort and Spa)

6) Helping/attending my co-worker's wedding at the Teller Wildlife Refuge outside of Missoula, Montana

*this of course doesn't include the other 3 weddings we have in August, September, and October. Oh yeah, and the celebration of our 1 year anniversary!

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