April 8, 2010

Fed Up: The School Lunch Project

Has anyone else been reading Fed Up: The School Lunch Project blog? If you haven't, here's the scoop: An elementary school teacher ("Mrs. Q") from the midwest has chosen to eat a school lunch every day for the entire school year, and anonymously post photos and her thoughts on a blog. I heard about this site through one of my co-workers (a former teacher), and it has been so interesting to see the transformation this woman has gone through over the course of the year. She at first didn't mind most of the food, and admittedly didn't know much about nutrition either. As time has gone on, she is barely able to make it through her lunch. She's gotten so much publicity that she's been featured on tv and Jamie Oliver even called her! I'm very impressed with this woman's stamina and dedication to the project. Remember when it was fun to get school lunch on Friday's (i.e. pizza day)? Take a look at this "lunch" of Salisbury steak. Gross!

To think, this is what the kids of our nation are eating these days. I'm so glad she's speaking out!

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