September 14, 2010

Thinking of San Bruno

Even if you don't live in the Bay Area, you may have heard about the gas explosion accident that happened in the city of San Bruno last Thursday. A PG&E gas pipe exploded - houses were incinerated, trees charred - what was left was a moonscaped neighborhood and a huge hole in the ground. This actually occurred only a few miles from where my great-grandmother Helmbacher used to live (the house where my grandmother grew up). San Bruno has always had a place in my heart, as I remember swimming in the city pool and playing at the park with my brother. It's also where my great-grandmother had her funeral. When I heard that the accident took place there, I was immediately glued to the t.v. Not just because I nerd out on disasters (Katrina, earthquakes, 9/11, wildfires - you name it, I'm interested in it), but because I wanted to make sure things were okay. It's so devastating to think that one minute you could be sitting down to dinner, and the next minute running out of your house to escape 6oo degree flames. My heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy...

If you're looking for ways to help the victims, click here.

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