March 29, 2011

How I'm doing

Well folks, it's been one helluva week. Last Monday I found out I was being laid off June 1 (hence why I haven't posted all week). I'm not going to say that yesterday (one week later) was the best ever, but it was tolerable. See, the sun is starting to shine in California, and plans are starting to be solidified.

What does that mean for me? Well, many things are in the works. Going to work on getting my childcare provider's license so I can watch kiddos in my house if I need to. Working on a new website/blog for an event planning business that I've always dreamed of starting (links to come - soon!) Maybe starting a crafting co-op with some friends of mine - and organize a few craft shows around the country for small vendors. Maybe watch my niece Cadence for the summer. Plant my new garden and order 3 more chicks for our mansion coop (still being built - the relentless rain has finally stopped). Make a list of free things to do in SF that I've never been able to do (i.e. museums, beaches, etc). Work out. Visit my parents more often. The list keeps growing and growing.

Most importantly, I'm keeping my head up. And thanks to all of my friends and family, for their outpouring of support during this rough time. You have all given me permission to be sad, and strength to be optimistic. Basically, you kick ass.


Holly said...

I think its awesome that you are keeping your chin up:) Many good things to come for you I am sure:)

amy_sundberg said...

You are just awesome-possum! Such a great list you are making... and it's so inspiring that you're taking this as an opportunity to look into things you always wanted to do. SOOOOO wish you were here 'cuz I'd hire you to watch my kidlets any day!

Melinna said...

No you, you are awesome. As in awe inspiring & aweSOME. You are going places, girlfriend....we all know it.

natalia_beth said...

You're going to be so successful at all of these things. I remember you talking about your event planning/crafting/childcare ambitions. I'm so glad you'll have the opportunity to work on these things! I'm sorry that a sad event led you there, but what an awesome path you are carving out of this disappointment. I'm inspired, Shannon!