June 6, 2011

FUNemployment Update

Cadence is 4!

Well, today marks the first real week of my unemployment. How have I spent the morning so far? Yelling at my chickens. Yes, you heard that right. One of my girls (I think it's Rafiki) seems to think she's a rooster. That, or she's just very vocal. Every time another hen gets ready to lay an egg in the nest, she marches up into the coop and yells/crows at them. Maybe she's jealous they are laying an egg? Maybe she just wants them to play with her? I'm not sure, but it's getting annoying. Almost makes me wanna make chicken soup. I mean, I have 3 more adorable chicks just waiting for a spot in the chicken mansion. Rafiki better shape up or she's gonna make a nice coq au vin!

In other news, I signed up for the dole today. Marie graduated from medical school, and Cadence had a birthday party on Sunday (more pics to come). I took a fun workshop at Papersource on Saturday with my friend Marcelle (read about that here). I'm filled with so much crafting inspiration it's making me antsy. Which leads me to the task for the day: clean up the neglected craft room. I can't seem to produce anything in a messy space. Ready, set, GO!

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