September 27, 2011

Summer Highlights - Part 3

Summer time is wedding season (yay for our friends getting married!) Paul and I were fortunate enough to celebrate the union of 3 of our favorite couples. First up: Steph and Jillian. They got married at this amazing venue in the Oakland Hills called the Highlands Country Club. Beautiful views of the bay, great food, and an awesome dance party made this a very special and fun wedding!

Next up: Chickie and Renee. I've known Chickie forever, and am so glad that he met Renee. They are such a great couple. Their wedding was so handmade (i.e. custom cornhole game, crafty bunting hung from the ceiling, handwritten note cards, wildflowers out of mason jars, cows in the background). The wedding was in Bolinas, and they made it really local by having a guy shucking oysters. If I wasn't allergic to them, I'd be all over it! The food was great and the dance party was even better. I saw so many old rafting friends that it also felt like an ARTA reunion...

And finally, the wedding we've all been waiting for....Nisan and Marcelle! I've been helping Marcelle with this wedding since the day they got engaged. It was seriously the best planned wedding I've ever been to. The details were amazing and the venue was beautiful. I wouldn't be surprised if this wedding ended up on Martha Stewart weddings (or featured in any wedding blog, for that matter!)

Did I mention how much I love weddings??

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