October 16, 2005

apple picking...and a moment of silence

so, my weekend started off on a bad note....my mom had called to tell me that my dad had put my childhood dog to sleep. sadie was such a great dog, and lived a wonderful and energetic 13+ years. i don't think it's hit me yet that i won't see her again...

it was a beautiful and crisp day here in massachusetts. it finally stopped raining for a few hours, the sun came out, so monkey and i decided to go apple picking. it was absolutely chaotic of course (it being sunday, there were tons of families out, and i was starting to get a little clausterphobic on the "hayride" up to the orchards). but it was gorgeous, and we ventured far into the hills, looking for the perfect apple. there were about 4 varieties in season, and we tried every one of them. i know that apples taste different, but i guess i've never compared them at the same time. and i kind of felt guilty because i ate so many of them, but i figured it was better than the little kids who just picked them and threw them on the ground! and needless to say, i had a little bit of a stomach ache on the way home. just like eating one too many cannoli's from mike's pastry :) the fall foliage is jsut beginning to emerge in western mass, and it's looking very very pretty. and it's starting to be scarf season, whoohoo!

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