October 30, 2005

it's snowing in OCTOBER

yes my friends....it's SNOWING in october.

and granted, it is oct. 30 (almost november) but still. snowing. the winter has officially made it to boston. although looking out my window right now, it's sunny. the northeast weather is such a tease.

shit is hitting the fan out here in beantown. and not in a bad way, it's just all hitting at once. kind of like the saying "when it rains, it pours". yeah. i have presentations up the wazzoo and a few midterm papers. and professors who aren't that great of teachers. doesn't that sound like fun? at least my internship is going well. we have our annual conference next tuesday, and have to be in worcester (pronouned "woo-sta") at 7am. and it's an hour away from boston. we will most definately have to stop at dunkin' donuts on the way there!

i'm happy to announce though, that my cuba class has officially begun, and i'm getting so excited about it. we're already doing research for our projects, watching videos, etc etc and i just really can't contain myself when i think that i'm actually going to get to visit cuba while fidel is in power. i feel so friggin' lucky.

...and i bought my ticket home for christmas, so if anyone wants to meet up, i'll be home dec 16th through jan 3rd. new years, anyone??

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