October 8, 2005

oh, so sad :(

i'm sure you've all saw the terrible news. perhaps you even watched in agony, just like everyone else in red sox nation. but those with the white socks won this time. monkey and i just couldn't take it anymore, and turned it off after they lost the lead. i know that's not true fan behavior, but i just couldn't bare it. oh well, there's always next year, right??

in other (better) news, i did go to a FABULOUS show last night at the somerville theater. his name is amos lee, kind of a combo of ben harper/bob dylan and lots of others mixed. hard to explain, but he's folky/bluesy/jazzy. i adore his cd and was excited to see him live, but i was BLOWN away by his performance. honestly, he rocked the place, and i'm just dying to see him again. check out his website www.amoslee.com and see if he's coming to your town. i promise you won't regret it!

is it going to be fall in boston, EVER? i mean, it's been pouring all day which is fine, but it's still 75 degrees and gross. you can't even go outside without getting frizzy hair and soaking wet shoes. the leaves are changing color which is nice, but it's still so yucky out!!! i guess whatever keeps the winter away is just fine with me!

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Anonymous said...

who are all your creepy commenters? Thought you needed a real one! Thanks for dragging me out to a great show and braving the disgusting weather with me last weekend! Can't wait for our new england fall adventures to begin!! Now that it's really fall that is...