October 2, 2005

....i love that dirty water!

the sox made it (barely) to the playoffs. whoohooo!

i'm most definately looking forward to the playoffs this year. lots and lots of beer drinking, camraderie, cheering "yankees suck", and eating wings. fun! and i even have a new jersey to wear, since my pokey reese jersey just ain't cuttin' it (he was traded last year). i have to admit that the month of october last year was the best i had in boston! and i'm really looking forward to this october.

i actually got to go to the game on friday when the sox played the yankees (suck!) i won't reveal my connections, but i will say that i was eating fenway franks and drinking coors light on friday night, watching the game with 35,000 other folks. they ended up winning and "sweet caroline" was sung by all...(if you're not from boston, you wouldn't get it)

here's to the curse being reversed AGAIN!

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